Mortal Kombat 11 Towers of Time Guide – How to Get Every Skin and Costume

In our Mortal Kombat 11 Towers of Time Guide, we’ve detailed everything about completing the Towers of Time to unlock all skins and costumes in MKXI.

Mortal Kombat 11 has a separate section called Towers of Time where you can battle multiple enemies, defeating whom will help you level up as well as earn valuable rewards. This MK11 Towers of Time Guide will help you in not only combatting adversaries but also acing every match.

Mortal Kombat 11 Towers of Time

These Towers of Time rewards consist of gear and items you can use to customize your character. The game mode can help you level up your character. If you’ve played Injustice 2, you’ll see some similarities.

Here’s everything you need to know about Towers of Time in Mortal Kombat XI.


Konsumables are items that are especially available in Towers of Time. Konsumables can be used during combat and help boost your strength and performance during tough battles.

Different Konsumables take up a different amount of slots i.e. Minimum 1 and Maximum 3.

Konsumables Slots Effects
Ethereal Armor 1 Temporary Armor.
Force Ball 1 Reptile hits an enemy with Saurian Force Ball.
Gourd of the Eight Immortals 1 Bo’Rai Cho Stuns enemy with a fart rip.
Helm of Kahn 3 Shao Kahn arrives to help during battle.
Krystal of Life 2 Heals providing with 50% health.
Magma Fist Gloves 2 Hands are blazing, can set enemy on fire if used.
Meteorite Core 2 Onaga hits enemy with meteorite, setting him on fire.
Plasma Infused Death Rocket 1 Vampire appears, sucking enemy blood and damaging heavily.
Severed Arm of Shinnok 1 Necromancer strikes enemy with a tight hand on his back.
Shard of Life 1 Heals providing 25% health.
Skarlet’s Pure Blood Vial 2 You become immune to all Blood Modifiers.
Tekunin Emergency Receiver 3 Cyrax arrives providing support against the enemy.
Zaterran Charm 2 Zaterran attacks enemy, draining enemies’ stamina and health.


Modifiers in Towers of Time are basically are lifelines that can be ordered or called when the need arises. These modifiers can interfere during matches and change the outcome of a match.

These modifiers are, sometimes considered, game-changers since they inflict heavy damage on the enemy. There are 4 types of Modifiers in MK11 Towers of Time:

  1. Energy Elements: Inflict heavy damage.
  2. Fire Elements: Inflict damage over time.
  3. Blood Elements: Suck your health and transfer it to the enemy.
  4. Poison Element: Suck your abilities/perks and give them to the enemy.

Tutorial Towers

There are 4 types of Tutorial Towers in Towers of Time that basically provide you with an insight about what you’re going face when you start the actual game mode.

In other words, it’s like a practice area where you can study the mechanics and different aspects of the game mode. Tutorial Towers let you fight with some characters and learn about different aspects such as Konsumables.

Towers of Time Tips and Strategies

Towers of Time consist of multiple types of towers like Tutorial Towers, Timed Towers, and Character Towers. As you beat different towers and progress, enemies begin to get tougher and smarter.

The game will try to learn your playstyle that will result in difficult fights. Thus, don’t be predictable! You can complete these towers in order to earn Konsumables, Coins, and Augments.

Tutorial Tower
You’ve to complete 4 Tutorial Towers. The purpose of them is just to familiarize you with the mechanics of the game, its different aspects, and some boss fights. In other words, this is just a trailer of what is waiting for you in the real Towers of Time.

Timed Towers
You need to combat multiple towers in this session. Enemies would be much tougher and situations would get much challenging. These towers refresh after some time.

Character Towers
These towers can be unlocked by paying 25,000 Coins. Character Towers consist of character-specific matches. Completing them should allow you to acquire Augments, Brutalities, Skins, Icons, Intro., and Animations.

As you progress through the Character Towers, the AI starts to learn your attack patterns and combos. Therefore, the situation would get tougher with each match.

Always try to bring something new while playing the later Character Towers. By going through Character Towers, you’ll need to urge yourself to try new attacks and combos and that can be helpful in the long run.

Lastly, do note that you can also skip fights that you feel are tough by purchasing Tokens.

This is everything in our Mortal Kombat 11 Towers of Time Guide. If you’ve got anything else that you’d like to add, be sure to let us know!

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