Mortal Kombat 11 Sindel Tips and Fatality Guide

Learn all about the gameplay moves and fatality of the newly released character Sindel in Mortal Kombat 11 and how to use them

The coquettish empress of misery, Sindel, is the latest addition to the Mortal Kombat 11 roster. Veteran fans of the series are already familiar with her, and newcomers will now have a chance to become acquainted with her as well. Either way, the latest iteration of Sindel has got a few surprises in store for everyone, and this Mortal Kombat 11 Sindel Gameplay and Fatality guide will go over each and every one.

Mortal Kombat 11 Sindel Gameplay and Fatality

To start off, we have to talk about her fatalities – what would a Mortal Kombat game be without fatalities?

Sindel, like every other character, has 2 distinct fatalities. One that must be performed from mid-range (at least 2 backdashes away from the enemy) and the second that must be performed as close to the enemy as possible (practically touching them).

Fatality (Close range): This fatality involves Sindel using her sentient hair to hold her opponent by the wrists and dragging them towards her.

With her banshee scream, Sindel tears the skin off your face, bifurcating the body (torso separated from everything below the waist); topping all of this with a final scream that tears the remaining cadaver apart.

To perform this fatality, you must do the following when near the enemy: Down, Down, Forward + [Circle/B/4]

Fatality (Mid-range): The more gruesome of the two fatalities, this one essentially has Sindel forcing her hair into the mouth of her victim. The hair travels through the body, exiting from various parts, working its way through, breaking everything down until it’s wrapped itself around every nook and cranny of its pitiful victim; and then Sindel pulls until the body is completely torn apart.

To perform this fatality, you must do the following when 2 backdashes away from the enemy: Back, Forward, Back + [Square/X/1]

Signature Moves
Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with Sindel’s fatalities, let’s go over some of her signature moves, many of which are abilities she’s been using for many games.

  • Scream: The enhanced version of the Banshee Scream, able to stun an enemy for a longer period of time, and from further away. By amplifying this move, you can further increase the distance of the scream. If you wish to cancel the move, one bar of the Defensive Meter must be sacrificed.
  • Regal Presence: Sindel can levitate in the air. In MK11, she has something known as Enhanced Regal Presence – once she begins levitating, she can do a follow-up attack; it will cost 2 ability slots.
  • Star Screamer: You can shoot a purple fireball at the enemy. In MK11, she can shoot a lower version of it while crouching.
  • Mane Squeeze: You grab the opponent with your hair and pull them towards yourself before kicking them away. Amplify the move so that Sindel slams the enemy down into the ground before throwing them away.
  • Hair Kut: Sindel uppercuts her opponents with her hair. By amplifying the move, she does a follow-up uppercut; this requires 2 ability slots.
  • Banshee Dash: Send out a Banshee mid-air to hit the opponent. Amplify attack to teleport Sindel to the Banshee’s position to perform a dual combo.
  • Whip and Flip: Leaping forward, Sindel grabs the opponent by the hair and slams them into the ground.
  • Royal Trap: Create purple orb mid-air that sends out projectiles once an enemy is near it. This ability cannot function if Bellowing Banshee or Deadly Echo are also equipped.
  • Deadly Echo: Used while in mid-air, Sindel screams to propel herself forward. Cannot function if Bellowing Banshee or Royal Trap are equipped.
  • Bellowing Banshee: Sindel throws 3 Star Screamers down while in mid-air. Amplify attack to send the opponent into the air, creating an opportunity to perform a combo. Cannot function if Royal Trap or Deadly Echo are equipped.
  • X-Ray Move – Queen B: A combo move in which Sindel grabs the opponent’s legs with her hair, kicks them in the groin and follows up with an elbow to the knee, ending with a Banshee Scream that sends them flying.
  • Fatal Blow – Edenian Royal Decree: After screaming at her opponent, Sindel pulls them in using her hair and impales them on her Kwan Dao. Flying upwards with her enemy in tow, she stops mid-air, letting them take damage via whiplash, and then throws them down. She then throws her Kwan Dao, letting it go through their mouth; she ends the barrage by dropping down and forcing the heels of her shoes into the enemy’s eyes.

Moving onto the final segment of this guide – Brutalities. In Mortal Kombat 11, Sindel is more so of a mixup character, a stark difference from previous games.

Her brutalities, much like her moveset, revolve around her hair, her voice, and her halberd. We’ve compiled the 3 brutalities that are available to you in MK11.

  • Brutality 1: Final hit from Forwards throw – Down, down, down during the animation.
  • Brutality 2: Final hit from Backwards throw – Press Square (PS4)/X (Xbox) and Triangle (PS4)/Y (Xbox) repeatedly while hitting the enemy.
  • Brutality 3: Final hit from back+forward+1 – Hold 1, press X or Square while hitting.

With all of this, you should have a decent understanding of how Sindel works, but there’s really no point to a guide like this if you don’t apply any of it. Start up the game, head into practice mode and begin your rigorous training regime!

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