Mortal Kombat 11 Erron Black Guide – Moves List, BnB Combos, Strengths, Weaknesses, Fatalities, Brutalities

In our Mortal Kombat 11 Erron Black Guide, we’ve detailed Erron’s strengths, weaknesses, complete moves list frame data, BnB combos, and general tips.

In our detailed character analysis, we take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of Erron Black along with tips on executing his combos and incorporating them in his gameplan in Mortal Kombat 11. Here’s everything you need to know about playing as Erron Black in Mortal Kombat 11.

Mortal Kombat 11 Erron Black Strengths and Weaknesses

Everyone’s favorite gunslinger is back, this time with new tools under his belt. His approach this time around is more zoning and projectile-based.

His bear-traps, shotgun stance, and acid bottles all keep enemy at bay and have them think twice before approaching Erron Black.

This is where the main strength of the character lies so for this purpose, his Fatal Blow is also designed this way. A multiple-shots projectile is unleashed very quickly to trigger the remaining of the Fatal Blow cut-scene.

His excellent long-range game means he is a bit underwhelming in the close-ranged melee department.

He lacks the poking tools at close quarter combat most of the other characters have in the game. Moreover, his mobility is not the best so you’ll often find yourself in trouble backing off once you find yourself under pressure.

If you do find an opening, a good offensive string is to use 1 and 2 that lets you chain attacks and end with an overhead or a low slide.

His b + 2 is also a great string that sees Erron smash his pistol on the opponent’s head repeatedly before ending in a final hit or a slide for the mix-up that’s unsafe on block.

His big boot drop attack is super quick and lets you cover distance quickly if you feel like going in. If you do it twice consecutively, the second boot drop becomes an overhead attack that has the crushing blow effect.

You can also mix it up with a low slide instead. His useful abilities include a quick low-hitting shot of the revolver and a command grab involving multiple shots fired.

The latter can be amplified to add a TNT dynamite to the mix for more damage. There’s also the Scud Shot that lets him nullify projectiles that is pretty essential to his game-plan when it comes to a zoner opponent.

Let’s talk about the area which he excels at, the long-ranged combat, in more detail below:

Acid Toss

Erron Black has a new move where he can toss a bottle full of Reptile’s acid at the enemy from mid-range. While the opponent stays in this pool of acid, they continue to receive damage over a time of around 6 seconds.

You can also amplify your slide and cancel its animation into an acid throw.

This works well as you can toss acid behind the enemy preventing them from backing up. Alternatively, you can place acid in front of you as a defensive measure while you zone out enemies.

This is particularly useful towards the end of the round where chip damage is a big factor. The Acid bottle can thus be used strategically.

Rifle Stance

Erron Black under his Locked and Loaded stance, draws his rifle and starts walking towards the opponent automatically.

You can cancel the moving animation by putting the gun back or you can shoot up to 8 rounds at the enemy. These could be low or high shots, depending on your input. You can also hit them up-close with the weapon itself.

It should be noted that once the 8 rounds in the clip run out, you have to reload manually. You can choose to reload one shot, or a couple or 3, whatever suits the situation and how much time you have.

Since this has significant recovery frames, you need to be well away from the enemy to do so. All in all, this Rifle Stance is one of the stronger zoning tools that the character has.

Moreover, the stance complements the acid toss move since you can have your enemy to limit their movement with the pool of acid, and at the same time, start shooting to keep up the pressure.

Netherbeast Trap
This can be used as an alternative to the Acid Toss, which again, coupled with the Rifle Stance can be used for Erron’s ranged game.

Unlike the Acid Bottle, this Bear Trap will make foes immobile if they’re caught up in it. Furthermore, you can amplify the Netherbeast Trap move and shoot it towards the enemy, so it acts like a low projectile.

Of course, with the trap set up, you can shoot your rounds with your rifle or revolver. If the enemy is caught up, you can perform a combo for maximum damage.

Erron Black’s anti-air bullets mean enemies can’t exactly jump over the trap and risk getting hit. All they can do is to block and keep their distance from the trap and Erron until the trap disappears.

You can find a complete list of moves along with their inputs, attack type, and any enhancements or amplification.

Do note that the 1 and 2 attack buttons correspond to the punches (Square/Triangle on Dualshock 4 respectively) while the 3 and 4 buttons correspond to the kicks (X/Circle respectively).

Buttons to be pressed simultaneously are connected with the “+” symbol while pressing buttons one after another are shown by a “,”.

Standard Attacks

Name Input Type Comments
Straight Punch 1 High
Spinning Revolver b + 1 Mid
Dusty Knuckles d + 1 Mid
Bounty Bash 2 High
Grip Slam b + 2 Mid
Shoulder Shimmy f + 2 Mid
Rising Outlaw d + 2 High Krushing blow if this attack Mounters or Punishes a High Attack.
Boot Flick 3 High
Saloon Strike f + 3 Mid
Low Boot d + 3 Low
Spinning Spur 4 High
Low Spur b + 4 Low
Boot Drop (Amplify with R1) f + 4 Overhead Amplified with R1, which turns it into a low attack.
Sandy Sole N/A Low

Jump Attacks

Swinging Pistol 1 Mid
Hammer Fist 2 Mid
Quick Flick 3 or 4 Mid

Hop Attacks

Tumbleweed u + 1 or u + 2 Overhead
Drop Kick u + 3 or U + 4 Overhead

Wakeup Attacks

The following attacks can also be performed upon connecting a Flawless Block successfully.

Quick Shot u + 2 Mid
Pocket Sand (invincible) u + 3 Mid


Forward Throw b + L1 or B + 1 + 3 Throw
Back Throw L1 or 1 + 3 Throw

Combo Attacks

Name Input Type Comments
High Noon 1, 1 Mid
Into the Badlands 1, 1, 1 Mid
Violent Ends 1, 1, 4 Mid
Deal in Lead 2, 1 Mid
On The Shoot 2, 1, 2, 1, 2 Mid The attack becomes a Krushing Blow if it’s a counter or a reversal punish.
At The Dooooor b + 1, 1, 1 Overhead
Dead Man’s Hand b + 1, U + 4 Mid
Keep’em Honest f + 3, 1 Mid

Special Attacks

Attack Input Type Comments
Zaterrean Spit D, B, 1 (Amplify with R1) N/A Move amplified with R1 for increased damage. You can direct your shot.
Close Zaterrean Spit d/b + 1, b N/A You can direct your shot.
Rattle Snake Slide b, f + 3 Low Amplify with R1 for acid bottle toss.
Locked and Loaded B, F, 4 Cancel with L2 Straight shot with 1 Low shot with D + 1 Unload with 1 repeatedly Reload a bullet with 4 Stock drop with 3 Straight shot: High Low shot: Low Stock drop: Overhead A special stance that lets Erron equip his rifle.


Ability Input Effects Slots
Enhanced Locked and Loaded B, F, 4 More attacks added in Locked and Loaded 1
Outworld Gunslinger 3, 2 New combo opportunities with Erron Black’s pistols. 1
Acid Pour B, F, 1 A command grab that covers foe with acid. 1
Cattle Toss D, B, F, 1 A command grab with multiple shots fired at the opponent. 1
Up Peacemaker D, F, 2 Lean back and fire pistols upward 1
Down Peacemaker D, B, 2 Lean back and fire pistols downward 1
Scud Shot D, D, 3 Nullify projectiles 1
TNT Toss D, B, 1 Throw an explosive dynamite. 1
Netherbeast Trap D, B, 3 Throw a trap to immobilize opponents if they get caught up in it. Can be amplified with R1 so it’s sent as a low projectile. 2
Enhanced Rattle Snake Slide b + R1 Have the ability to cancel Rattle Snake Slide and Boot Drop 1

Fatal Blow

The “Ghost Koins” Fatal Blow is triggered with L2 + R2 when you’re at a specific HP and if you haven’t used it before in the match. It does around 35 damage and is a high-hitting strike. It carries a hit of armor.


The “Melted” Fatality is a mid-attack that is triggered by d, d, d + 1. As for his brutalities, “The Klassic” the final hit must be an uppercut (d + 2).

The “Is Something Burning?” Brutality can be triggered by a final TNT toss attack (d/b + 1). His Mercy finisher can be triggered by the universal inputs which are to hold L2 and then pressing down three times quickly.

This is so far everything we know about Mortal Kombat 11 Erron Black. If you’ve got questions, be sure to let us know!

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