More Days Gone Delays Might Be Coming, PS Store Image Has New Release Date

More Days Gone delays may be coming in the future according to the PS Store, but we don't know if that's happening just yet.

More Days Gone delays might be coming up in the future, according to a leaked screenshot of the game’s PS Store page. The game, which was supposedly supposed to be coming April 26 of next year, now has a new date of New Years’ Eve of 2019. Does it actually mean more delays?

Days Gone was first announced at E3 2016, but since then aside from new gameplay previews at every notable video game event, we haven’t heard anything about a release date, no matter how good and ready the game actually looks. Exactly what’s causing more Days Gone delays remains to be seen.

Days Gone tells the story of Deacon St. John, a biker who finds himself to be one of a small number of survivors after a global pandemic killed off most of humanity, turning many of the survivors into zombie-like creatures known as “Freaks”. Now Deacon must simply survive as he attempts to find his lost love in this strange and deadly new world.

While we’ve seen all of the different ways that we’ll be able to kill Freaks and human enemies across the game, story content beyond the opening mission and one other quest back in 2017 has been fairly sparse. We still have no real idea of what the story is beyond simple survival.

The possibility of more Days Gone delays isn’t actually confirmed as of yet, but it’s likely that Sony will announce something if it turns out to be true, and the game really is getting delayed yet again.

The best place for us to find out will likely be at the Game Awards this year, considering how many trailers are often interspersed among the award ceremonies. However, there’s still no guarantee even then that we’ll be getting a Days Gone trailer, and so we’ll have to trust SIE Bend to tell us if more Days Gone delays are coming.

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