Monster Hunter: World Wyvern Gems Guide – Where to Find

Gear and weapons are the key to success in Monster Hunter: World which is always riddled with terrifying and powerful creatures… dinos, rhinos, dragons, you name it! On your quest to conquer all these monsters, you will need to max out on your weapons, armors, and charms’ capabilities. Wyvern Gems is one among the many resources you will require to upgrade your gear in Monster Hunter: World.

Monster Hunter: World Wyvern Gems

The Wyvern Gem has a lot of uses when it comes to upgrading the weapons and armor pieces in the game. Even a handful of charms require the resource in order to be enhanced to their higher versions.

Apart from a specific quest, the Wyvern Gem is an abundant resource that is acquired from defeating a variety of monsters. Before we begin to name them, let us check the different aspects of the game where these gems are used.


  • Blacksteel Weapons II and III
  • Dragonbone Weapons II and III
  • Lightning Weapons III
  • Water Weapons III
  • Blue Wing
  • Dear Hecatel
  • Frost Blade II and Frost Blitz III
  • Lava Weapons II
  • Barroth Weapons III
  • Radobaan Slab III
  • Great Jawblade, Great Bowgun, and Great Hunter’s Blade.
  • Dipterus III
  • Kadachi Weapons III
  • Dark Weapons III
  • Divine Slasher
  • Master Ban
  • Rogue Wave III
  • Queen Rose
  • Lumu Weapons I and III
  • Baan Weapons I and III
  • Freeze Chain II and Freeze Gale II Dual Blades
  • Holy Sabers
  • Diablos Weapons
  • Jyura Weapons III
  • Enduring Schism
  • Twin Nails
  • Binder Mace
  • Coral Chordmaker
  • Gamma Weapons II
  • Elder Babel Spear
  • Rose Burst
  • Axe of Thanatos
  • Gigafrost II
  • Dialos Tyrannis II
  • Tyrannis Glaive II
  • Nero’s Blazooka
  • Galebender Bow


  • Xeno’jiiva Arms Armor
  • Barroth Vambraces Arms Armor
  • Dodogama Legs Armor
  • Jyura Greaves Legs Armor
  • Kadachi Helm Head Armor
  • Lumu Greaves Legs Armor
  • Baan Helm Head Armor
  • Diablos Helm Head Armor
  • Diablos Nero Helm Head Armor


  • Windproof Charm II
  • Water Charm III
  • Thunder Charm III
  • Immobilize Charm III
  • Hungerless Charm III
  • Smoke Charm II
  • Mirewalker Charm III
  • Insect Charm III
  • Ice Charm II
  • Handicraft Charm II
  • Guard Charm II
  • Earplugs Charm III
  • Normal Shots Charm
  • Sleep Coating Charm

There is a slim chance you can acquire Wyvern Gem via Optional Quest #7: A Fiery Convergence and by slim, we mean at most 3% chance.

Of course, you do not need to spend your time here so move onto the more likely scenarios of getting the resource.

You can bring down any of the following large, high-rank monsters to obtain the Wyvern Gem as the quest reward since the likelihood goes as high as 16%.

Make sure to always carve up the bodies right at the end to ensure you are not missing up on the gem. Other times, mere completion of the Expedition will be enough for the reward of the gem.

You could be lucky to get the Wyvern Gem on your first elimination of a monster or you could be very unfortunate and will still need to try past your fourth attempt.

Either way, do not lose hope! You will get it eventually. Try defeating one of the following monsters to get the gem.

  • Tobi Kadachi
  • Jyuratodus
  • Paolumu
  • Lavasioth
  • Radobaan
  • Barroth
  • Diablos

It is also encouraged to find analyze the environment for clues as you get to the monster fight. This increases the quality of the reward you receive (Gold, Silver, etc.) and will thus determine the chances of acquiring the gem.

Lastly, you can also cut down on the work if you already have enough points. We are talking specifically about 300 Research Points and 100 Meld Points which will help you meld and obtain the gem without any extra hard work.

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