Monster Hunter World Squads Will Be Replaced In PC With Steam Groups

You'll be able to make groups out of players in your Steam groups rather than having to use Monster Hunter World squads in the PC version of the game.

One of the more clunky things about Monster Hunter World is its squad system, where players can meet up with each other in order to go out on group hunts to fight monsters. However, now you’ll be able to use your Steam groups, rather than having to make Monster Hunter World squads.

The way that this works is that your Steam profile will automatically be connected to the game, along with the various groups that you’re a part of. Have a group of friends who are getting together to play Monster Hunter World on the PC when it comes out, and have made a group in anticipation? Just connect your profile to the group (go to your “Primary Group” on Steam and select the group you want to use) and you’ll be able to invite friends from the group to play with you.

This will definitely make getting groups together to play in the game easier, and the best part is that you can also switch groups on the fly, in case no one on your current group is either playing now or willing to play. It does have its flaws, mainly in that you can’t find out if your friends are actually online in-game, you just have to look on your Steam profile yourself.

Hopefully, considering how important it is to be in a group for some of Monster Hunter World’s more dangerous monsters, being able to make your own Monster Hunter World squads via the Steam groups that you’re a part of is definitely a bonus, especially if this makes it easier to make the group grow.

The PC version of Monster Hunter World comes out on August 9, so make sure that you can get your Monster Hunter World squads of choice together when the port becomes available then.

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