Monster Hunter World Skills Guide – Base, Toggle, Weapon Abilities, Recommended Skills

There are a lot of unique skills in Monster Hunter World. This guide will help you understand the skills and which one you should improve while playing this game. Hence, each skill enhances your performance so try to upgrade the most effective one for your play style. In this Monster Hunter World Skills Guide, you will be looking over abilities, skills, equipment skills and what are some of the best skills that you should use in the game.

Monster Hunter World Skills

Monster Hunter World the most anticipated game by Capcom, will be launching this January. In this ecosystem, players will role-play as a hunter slayer where they will find ferocious beasts and try to slay them. Alone or as squad up to four you can take the quest and make your way to task location. Team up hunt monster by cutting off their head and attacking the weak areas of the monster.

There are three types of skills: Basic Skill, Toggle Skill, and Set Bonuses. Basic Skills the easy more point you upgrade the stronger you get. The toggle is ‘On and Off’. Set bonuses depend on the matching set armor to pork, it’s a Special Ability. Monster Hunter World will benefit your abilities given in-game by your charms, armor, and decorations. Equipped items give Skills Point to certain skills.

Basic Skills


Skills Effects
Attack Boost Enhances Attack Power also buffs Affinity.
Defense Boost Enhances Defense that also increases Elemental Resistances.
Stun Resistance Time spent while stun reduces.
Recovery Up Addition HP restored when healed.
Critical Eye Enhances Affinity.
Affinity Sliding Short time Affinity enhanced while sliding.
Special Ammo Boost Buffs the power of Bow/Gun special ammo and Dragon Piercer.
Muck Resistance When stuck in Monster Muck, mobility impairment reduces.
Stamina Thief Enhance Monster Slayer ability to drain monster stamina.
Slinger Capacity Enhance the loading capacity for Slinger Ammo captured/received in the field.
Slugger This skill makes it easy to dizzy beasts.
Honey Hunter Gathering honey increases in the field and also its quality.
Palico Rally Policies get empowered.
Pro Transporter Speed while transporting items increases as the dropping chance of these items also reduces.
Botanist Herbs and other consumable items quality increases.
Master Mounter This skill helps in mounting Monster much easier.
Evade Window While evading the invulnerability period prolongs
Slinger Capacity Loading Capacity on Slinger increases.
Stealth Chances of Monster sighting you reduced.
Speed Eating Consuming items and other eatable speed increases.
Fire Attack Power of Fire Attack enhances.
Poison Attack Poison build-up rate increases.
Poison Resistance Protects against Poison Attacks.
Evade Extender Evade distance increases.
Hunger Resistance Reduces total Stamina depletion over time.
Scenthound Scoutflies gauge fill rate when finding tracks and other traces left by Monster increases.
Horn Maestro Duration of Hunting Horn melodies enhances.
Aquatic Expert Movement in water increases.
Fortify Attack and Defense every time you die increases, up to two times.
Item Prolonger Duration increases for some items.
Guard Knockbacks and stamina depletion while guarding reduces.
Adrenaline For a short-while, stamina depletion reduces when at 40% or lower.
Water Attack The power of Water Attacks increases.
Thunder Attack Enhances the power if Thunder Attacks.
Ice Attack The power of Ice Attacks increases.
Dragon Attack The power if Dragon Attack increases.
Recovery Speed The red portion of health while damaged for a short time quickly recovers.
Paralysis Attack Enhance the build-up rate of Paralysis Attack.
Paralysis Resistance Time spent in Paralysis reduces.
Constitution While performing stamina-required moves, stamina cost reduces. Such as evading, etc.
Master Gatherer Increases gathering speed and also stops attacks from knocking you down while looting these items.
BBQ Master Meat cooking skill increases.
Entomologist Destruction of small insect body reduces, enabling them to be carved.
Speed Eating Meat eating and other consumption speed increases.
Speed Crawler Increases mobility while crouched.
Speed Sharpening Weapon Sharpening Speed increases when using a Whetstone.
Focus The fill rate for weapons with gauges and the charge rate for weapons with charge attacks increases.
Fire Resistance Fire Resistance increases and also improves protection.
Water Resistance Enhance Water Resistance and also improves Defenses.
Ice Resistance Increase Ice Resistance also improves Protection.
Dragon Resistance Increase Dragon Resistance also improves Defense.
Artillery Improves explosive attacks like Gunlance Shells, charge Blade Phial Attacks, Wyvern’s fire and sticky ammo.
Windproof Protection against Wind Pressure increases.
Scoutfly Range Up Expands Scoutflies detection range.
Health Boost Expands HP.
Quick Sheath Weapon Sheathing speeds ups.
Intimidator The chance of attack by Small Monster reduces.
Stamina Surge Stamina regeneration increases.
Sporepuff Expert Health recovers when Sporepuff used.
Jump Master Stops attackers from knocking back while jumping.

Toggle Skills


Skills Effects
Master Mounter Mounting monster becomes easier.
Cliffhanger Stamina depletion reduces when evading while clinging to walls or ivy.


Best Skills

With plenty of Monster Hunter World Skills to choose from, you may be wondering which skills you should opt for, especially if this is your first Monster Hunter game. In this section of the guide, we have provided you with some recommendations based on our experience with the game. In our opinion, these skills should not be missed by any Monster Hunter player out there.

Attack Boost increases base damage of the weapon, the most basic attack that the weapon does. Having more Attack Power means having more damage, this will make the boss much easier to slay in much quicker and successful manner.

Evade Extender or Evade Window
Evading attacks is the most basic tactic in the Monster Hunter World. Evade Extender and Evade Window skills enhance your evade range and invulnerability period.

Sharpness is one of the easiest and most effective skill compared to other skills. It instantly enhances the damage output and also increases the color of the weapon since sharpness multiple makes it more powerful.

Best Weapon Skills


Weapon Type Recommended Skills
Bow Focus, Special Ammo Boost, Evade Window or Extender
Charge Blade Artillery, Guard, Razor Sharp
Dual Blades Speed Sharpening or Razor Sharp, Element Attack, Stamina Surge or Constitution, Status Attack
Greatsword Focus, Quick Sheath
Gunlance Sharpness or Razor Sharp, Quick Sheath
Artillery Evade Window or Extender, Sharpness
Hammer Special Ammo Boost, Evade Window or Extender
Heavy Bowgun Horn Maestro, Evade Window or Extender, Sharpness
Hunting Horn Sharpness or Razor Sharp, Evade Window or Extender, Mount Master
Insect Glaive Sharpness, Guard
Lance Element Attack, Status Attack, Evade Window or Extender, Bonus Shot
Light Bowgun Focus, Sharpness, Evade Window or Extender
Long Sword Evade Window or Extender
Switch Axe Evade Window or Extender, Speed Sharpening, Element Attack, Status Attack
Sword and Shield Focus, Special Ammo Boost, Evade Window or Extender


This is all we have in our Monster Hunter World Skills Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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