Monster Hunter: World Sinister Cloth Farming Guide

In Monster Hunter: World, almost all of the items can be found by carving on the decomposed creatures or simply searching the environment. But such is not the case with Sinister Cloth, a resource that can only be acquired via a certain type of side quest. What are these you may ask? Well, find out right below!

Monster Hunter: World Sinister Cloth

Sinister Cloth can only be found in the Tailrider Safari side quests. Sinister Cloth is useful in upgrading armor pieces or weapons you already own and you basically need the Sinister Cloth to forge the Death Stench Set. Now you may be asking yourselves what are Tailrider Safari quests?

Tailrider Safari Quests
Tailrider Safari quests will not be activated beforehand and you will have to activate them manually by going to Astera and talking to the Housekeeper of your living quarters. You have to select the Tailrider Safari option in the menu and select a Palico. Basically, what Tailrider Safari quests are that you have to send Palicos to different regions and they can obtain and return with items.

After selecting the region, you have to select the route. However, you have to select a route that includes a rank of Rank 4 or higher (Rank 5) if you want that Sinister Cloth. Sinister Cloth is a rare item and cannot be found easily on Rank 3 or lower.

Even if you sent your Palicos of Rank 4 or higher, there is still a chance that you might not get Sinister Cloth so you might have to grind a little. Keep trying until you get it!

As I said, the Sinister Cloth is used to forge the Death Stench Set. Death Stench Set is a high-ranked armor which has a defense rating of 160. Therefore, if you want the set, you will have to grind a lot and obtain five Sinister Cloth items and craft them into a set.

This is how you can easily farm Monster Hunter: World Sinister Cloth. If you have any more questions, feel free to let us know!

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