Monster Hunter World Palicoes Guide

This Monster Hunter World Palicoes Guide will help you understand your in-game companion who is with you from the start of Character Creation. In MHW, Palicoes are very helpful when it comes to combat. Our MHW Palicoes Guide will cover Palico Weapons, Armor, and Attacks.

Monster Hunter World Palicoes

Palicoes are small companions following you around the MHW. Palicoes helps in battle and use Armor, Weapons, and you can also craft Equipment for them. They level up and adjust according to your desire – offensives or defensive, Palicoes are very effective in both situations.

The Palicoes not only assist you in combat but also in collecting materials. When put on standby, your companion will train but the experience rate is much slower. XP is important for leveling up. Leveling up grants your companion with more HP and ATK Power.

Palico Gadgets

Palico Gadgets are abilities which are very helpful during a fight or when your companion is out on a quest. Using these Gadgets will improve your chances of successfully completing the quest. These Gadgets will provide Healing, Protection, and Stun.

Vigorwasp Spray
A gadget that uses Vigorwasp honey to recover the hunter’s health. The amount healed grows with proficiency.

Flashyfly Cage
A Palico gadget that stuns monsters with a flash of light. They can use this more often as their proficiency increases.

A massive Protector shield used to defend against attacks. It can also be used to provoke monsters, drawing their attention.

Coral Orchestra
A gadget that works as a hunting horn. It will boost up your attack, defend and other capabilities.

Plunder Blade
This tool lets you carve off additional parts out of monsters. Be it rare monsters or generally beyond your skinning abilities.

Meowlotov Cocktail
Puts the area around it on fire wherever you throw it.

Palico Weapons

  • Felyne Bone Spade
  • Felyne Anja Hammer
  • Felyne Forest Arrow
  • Felyne Acorn Spade
  • Felyne Bone Hammer
  • Felyne Jag Gunhammer
  • Felyne Kulu Lute
  • Felyne Pukei Bow
  • Felyne Iron Sword
  • Felyne Barroth Mace
  • Felyne Jyura Sword
  • Felyne Kadachi Fork
  • Felyne Anja Bonehammer

Palico Head Gear

  • Felyne Forest Helmet
  • Felyne Forest Mantle
  • Felyne Leather Cap
  • Felyne Leather Helm
  • Felyne Bone Helm
  • Felyne Jagras Helm
  • Felyne Kulu Turban
  • Felyne Pukei Hood
  • Felyne Alloy Helm
  • Felyne Barroth Helm
  • Felyne Jyura Helm
  • Felyne Kadachi Hood
  • Felyne Anja Helm

Palico Chest Armor

  • Felyne Leather Vest
  • Felyne Bone Mail
  • Felyne Jagras Mail
  • Felyne Kulu Vest
  • Felyne Pukei Mantle
  • Felyne Alloy Mail
  • Felyne Barroth Mail
  • Felyne Jyura Mail
  • Felyne Kadachi Suit
  • Felyne Anja Mail
  • Felyne Anja Body

Our Monster Hunter World Palicoes Guide is currently work-in-progress. We will continue to add more information in days to come. Stay-tuned!

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