Monster Hunter World Monsters Guide – Large Monsters, Small Monsters, How to Defeat, Weaknesses (Tips and Strategies)

In this Monster Hunter World Monsters Guide, we will guide you on all the monsters that you will come face to face in Monster Hunter World. Monster Hunter World is the newest installment in the Monster Hunter Franchise and it features some of the best monsters seen in a Monster Hunter game.

Monster Hunter Monsters are unique and each comes with its own skill sell. For a hunter, hunting down Monster Hunter monsters won’t be an easy thing to do. However, thanks to the westernization of the game, newcomers won’t get beaten down too much.

The game features vast areas and lively ecosystems where the monster are living so you will come across all sorts of beautiful and unique places when you set off to hunt a monster.

We have curated this Monster Hunter Monsters Guide for you so that you can know about all the monsters that prowl the ecosystem of Monster Hunter World.

It is vital that you have sound knowledge about all the monsters before you go and hunt them because if you do not know about the strengths and weaknesses of a monster, you will end up using the wrong equipment and elemental power against them. Become the ultimate monster hunter with our Monster Hunter World Guide.

Monster Hunter World Monsters – A Detailed Guide

Here in our Monster Hunter Monsters Guide, we have detailed all the information that you will need about each monster. We have listed their strengths, weaknesses and the elemental weaknesses. We have also listed some general tips and tricks for defeating the monsters.

You will also find information about the locations of these monsters below. Our Monster Hunter World Monsters Guide details everything that you need to know about monsters in Monster Hunter World.

Keep in mind that future updates or patches may change some aspects of the Monster Hunter monsters. While we will update the guide, in that case, make sure you keep an eye on future updates to see what changes have been made. Such can possibly affect how some monsters behave and how players need to tackle them.

Large Monsters

You will be hunting these major monsters in Monster Hunter World. These gigantic and ferocious beasts will not rest until the hunter is dead. They yield great rewards when defeated. Below you will find each monster’s information in detail.

Depending on the size, the monsters are divided into two categories. First is the Large Monsters while the second one is Small Monsters. We have categorized them so that you can easily find the ones that you are looking for.

Some of the monsters are Monster Hunter veterans and they are returning to Monster Hunter World as well while most of the monsters are new and never before seen in a Monster Hunter game.

Found in the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste, Anjanath is a monster resembling a T-Rex. It also has small feathers on its back running down to its tail. It belongs to the Brute Wyvern Specie. Its element is Fire while its weak points are Face, Feet, and Tail.

Barroth is located in the Wildspire Waste. It is a giant Brute Wyvern that has earth as its element. Its body is armored and is covered with thick scales. The head has a prominent protrusion that it uses to smash through objects and hunters.

It also loves sand and rolls around in it to create a layer of extra protection over it. It is weak against Water, Ice and Fir and its ailments include Muddy and Waterblight.

Found in the Ancient Forest, Deviljho is a returning monster from early Monster Hunter games. It is a Brute Wyvern and has Dragon as its element. It is a strong monster featuring a large spiky tail. When enraged, it uses Dragon Breath, which is very deadly.

Its weak points are its face, legs, and tail. Attack them to deal massive damage. Its ailments include Defense Down, Dragonblight, Fireblight, Iceblight and Water Blight. It is weak against Dragon and Thunder.

Highly armored flying Wyverns that come equipped with a large spiked tail that looks like a club, fangs, and horns to scare you away from its territory, Diablos is one of the most dangerous monsters in the game. They are weak against Ice and can be found in Wildspire Waste.

It is a huge Fanged Wyvern. Its saliva can turn rocks into explosives. It can also spit it at the enemies to warn them away.

Great Girros
Resembling a Cobra with four legs, Great Girros can paralyze its enemies by secreting venom in his victims. Its complete body is covered with black scales giving it a very dangerous look. It can be found in the Rotten Vale and it belongs to the Fanged Wyvern species.

Great Jagras
Easy to identify by its green scales and colorful stripes, Great Jagras are found in the Ancient Forest. They look like giant lizards and do not pose a lot of threat to hunters when compared with other monsters of the game. They are weak against Fire and Thunder. They also belong to the Fanged Wyvern species.

You will find it in Wildspire Waste. It loves mud and keeps rolling in it for added protection. It has light brown scales all over the body. It belongs to the Piscine Wyvern and its element is Water. It is weak against Fire and Thunder. Its ailments include Waterblight and Muddy.

Nergigante belongs to the Elder Dragon species and it one of the most fearsome and dangerous monsters in the game. It has long and pointy spikes all over its body and a long tail. The whole body is also covered with thick black scales while the head has two giant horns.

This monster is very intimidating to look at. However, it has some weak spots which you can hit to deal more damage. Its weak points are its belly and legs so make sure that you focus attacking these two parts for maximum damage.

You can break its spikes by hitting them repeatedly but keep in mind that they will grow back up. With the spikes, each swipe and slash will deal extra damage to you. It never gives up even when you decide to run away from a fight and it follows you for a long distance. You will find them in Wildspire Waste.

Rathian monsters are found in Wildspire Waste and the Ancient Forest. Their venomous tails and strong legs send waves of fear through the land. Since these are primarily fire based monsters, it is best for you to have a lot of fire resistant armour. Your first priority is to sever its tail, as that will allow you to stop its poison attacks which can be a hassle during the course of the fight.

Also, remember to be extremely careful when stealing an egg from Rathian. It will chase you as long as it possibly can to recover it. It s best if you use the Dragon element against it and try to stun it as much as you can, as everything else against is not really that effective.

Legiana is found exclusively in the coral highlands. Its wind is the main source of damage. Beware of its speed, as it can move amazingly fast and surprise you. Try to damage its membrane as fast as you possibly can as it will allow you to slow down Legiana and take away some of its power.

Poison is by far the most effective way of dealing with Legiana, although everything is somewhat sufficient. Try to deal as much poison effects to Legiana as you can.

As far as the elemental weaknesses of the monster area concerned, Thunder is the best choice whereas Ice is the worst choice. Fire might also work although we would definitely not recommend using it on a Legiana.

Rathalos can only be found in the Ancient Forest. In order to slaw the Rathalos, you need to be extremely careful as he deals both fire and poison damage. Remember that the Rathalos will try to stay in the air as much as he can.

Try to damage their wings using a flash bomb or a slinger shot to make them come down to earth and level the playing field.

Dragon is the best element to attack them with. Do not bother with Fire, Water or Ice as those are also quite useless. Thunder may occasionally work.

They are not particularly weak to any ailments but especially try to avoid Poison and Blast as they are almost completely immune to both of them. They are not particularly weak to anything which is why it can be quite problematic to take them on.

Uragaan can be easily found if you traverse the Elder’s Recess. They are able to crush rock to powder, and ores are their primary source of energy.

They can slam the ground and send a shockwave which will also explode certain rocks, so watch out whenever you see an Uragaan performing a slam. Once you kill an Uragaan though, you can mine its body for different ores.

They have a weakness against Water, but Fire and Thunder are particularly useless against them. It is best if you try to Poison them or Stun them, as they are by far the weakest when stunned or poisoned. However, make sure you do not try to put them to sleep as you will almost certainly fail.

Found only in the Coral Highlands, Paolumu like to find eggs wherever they can and devour them whole. They have sacs in their body which allow them to float in the air, and their tail is their most vicious weapon.

In order to render them useless, try to attack any parts of their body which are inflated so that they cannot reach for the skies. This will allow you to attack them freely.

The best element to use against them is Fire, whereas Water, Ice, and Dragon will almost always be completely useless. Blasting them or Stunning them will also work well, but anything else will probably just create trouble for you, so remember to use the Fire element and stun them as much as you can so as to not run into any problems.

Radobaan can be found in the Rotten Vale. Its primary source of food is the bones of the decaying monsters and anything else that it can find inside the Rotten Vale. He also uses some of the bones as armour.

You will often find it rolling around during the fight and that is when you attack it, as that will throw it off balance. You will be able to mine bone off of it once you defeat it.

The biggest element weakness that the Radobaan possesses is to the Dragon Element. Try to use it as much as you can. Apart from this, try to blast it as that will be particularly effective against the Radobaan. Just make sure to avoid trying to put it to sleep as that will surely only anger it further and cause trouble for you.

Odogaron is found in both the Rotten Vale and the Coral Highlands. Once again, the decaying flesh of the dead is the source of food for this monster. Anything it can kill, it can eat. Its claws are incredibly dangerous as they can cause you to bleed.

Try to use meat and lure it into traps where you can attack it. Remember to anger it as much as you can and then run a way as that will tire it out and make things quite a bit easier.

The best element to use against the Odogaron is Ice, although Thunder may also work. Make sure you do not try the Dragon Element as that will be useless. You can also try to Paralyse the Odogaron as it has a weakness to the Paralysis Ailment. Just make sure you do not try to Poison it, as it will not have any effect and will just make things more difficult for you.

Kulu-Ya-Ku can be found in both the Ancient Forest and the Wildspire Waste. It feasts on eggs that it has stolen from different nests and has the ability to carry weapons in its limbs. It will try to use small boulders to shield itself from your attacks and attack you.

Try to use your slinger to drop anything that it is carrying. It also is quite afraid of a lot of monsters, so you can lure them in to frighten it.

As far as the elements are concerned, it is best if you try to use Water. Kulu-Ya-Ku is generally a coward so almost any element has a fair chance of working against it though. The same goes for all of the ailments. It is not particularly receptive to a lot of damage from any of them but all of them might be able to do something against it.

Perhaps a relation of the aforementioned beast, Tzitzi-Ka-Yu is also very easy to play against provided you know what you are doing. It can be found in the Coral Highlands and it will try to blind you with an organ which is found near its head.

After that it will use its incredibly strong legs to finish you off. If you see its organ radiate, then immediately fall back to avoid being blinded. After this you can try to flank it and deal damage. Damage its organ as much as you can to lessen its blinding effects.

All of the elements are somewhat useful against it. However, it is best if you try to use Thunder as it has by far the best output of damage. For the ailments, all of them have a fair chance of working and none of them is particularly useful against it, so it is up to you which one you use.

Pukei-Pukei is found in the Ancient Forest. It can fly and use its poisonous toxins that are found in its body. It can also use Scatternuts, as it stores them in the mouth before coating them with poison and spitting them out at any enemy.

The best way to deal with Pukei-Pukei is to lure in larger monsters as it will almost certainly cower at the sight of them. It will retreat whenever it sniffs out danger, so use that to your advantage as much as you can.

It has a fair amount of elemental weaknesses. The best way to go is to use Thunder as it is the most effective element. It is also particularly weak against Sleep and Paralysis. However, due to its poisonous nature, poison will be quite useless against it so do not try to poison it. Just make sure it is paralyzed and then wreak havoc.

Found in the Ancient Forest, Tobi-Kadachi flies through the trees and tries to brush against the ground so that it can build electric charge. The charge is stored in its fur and is used to deal damage.

Make sure you are not ambushed from behind as it will move incredibly quickly as it scours for its prey. You have to find a way to immobilize it and stop it from charging itself, only them you can defeat it.

Thunder is completely immune against the Tobi-Kadachi. You should try to use Water as much as it can. If you have played any of the Pokemon games, then you would know that Water always resists Thunder.

Apart from that, you can also try Fire or Ice elements but they will have a varying amount of success. As for the Ailments, try to immobilize it and then Poison it as it is particularly weak against poisonous effects.

Pink Rathian
Known for its Pink Scales that appear all over its body, the Pink Rathian is a poisonous beast that can be found in both the Coral Highlands and the Wildspire Waste. It will try to use its poison to weaken its enemies, and then move in for the finishing blow.

One characteristic which makes it different from the regular Rathian is the fact that it can develop hard shells on its body, which you need to avoid as you try to remove its poisonous tail.

The Rathian is quite immune to most of the elements in the game. However, the Dragon element still works amazingly well against it and that should be your main source of damage against the Pink Rathian. You can also try to Stun it as much as possible because most of the other ailments within the game will have little to no effect on it.

Not a lot of information is available about this current monster. It will become apparent as more and more people play the game. From what we know, the Bazelgeuse is found in the Elder’s Recess and is a monster which has explosive scales on its body.

These scales will be dropped down on the ground so as to blast its prey. The best way to counter this is to destroy its legs so that it is unable to drop its scales on the ground.

Lavasioth can be found in the Elder’s Recess. There is not a lot of detail available about them, apart from the fact that they use Lava as their armor. They are not afraid of almost anything and will attack until their enemy is dead or they are.

When it swims through the lava, its armor becomes weaker so that is when you should try to attack it. If the armor rehardens, then you would need a lot of heavy weaponry to take it out.

Zorah Magdaros
This is perhaps the single toughest monster available in the game. It is an Elder Dragon, that alone should tell you how strong it is. It can only be found during “The Volcanic Colossus” quest.

No one knows what it is doing, except that it destroys anything in its path. In order to defeat it, you need to use large weapons like cannons. Alternatively, you can try to attack its main organs which are exposed. They will be burning red so you will know where to aim.

Since it is primarily a fire-based creature, it is only weak to the Water and the Dragon elements. Dragon is a little better than water and that is the main element that you should use when trying to deal with Zorah Magdaros. As far as the ailments are concerned, absolutely nothing will work against it. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Good luck trying to defeat this atrocity is all we can say.

Small Monsters

There are a total of 16 different Small Monsters available in the game. These monsters are not really that much of a challenge. They will also offer fewer rewards for you to reap once you kill them.

You will probably not be hunting these monsters per say. You will come across them when exploring or when on quests for bigger monsters. That is when you can kill them if you have the time and reap the small rewards that they offer you.

The primary purpose of these monsters is to serve as prey for some of the larger beasts available in the game. Regardless of that, let’s go ahead and take a brief look at them to see how you can further simplify killing them.

This monster will only reward you with raw meat. This is an herbivore that can be found in packs in the Ancient Forest. Attack one of the members to make the rest of the pack run away.

After that, it is easy picking for you. Remember that its meat is quite healthy and can serve as a useful boost during quests.

This monster is also found in the Ancient Forest. They will similarly flee as soon as you kill one of them. And they can serve as a good way to gather some crafting materials.

This monster can be found in both the Ancient Forest and in the Wildspire Waste. They consume Scatternuts. They will travel a great distance whenever they are surprised. If you are smart, then you can use them to travel quickly. Alternatively, you can kill them for Raw Meat or for Wingdrake Hide.

This monster is a small insect that can paralyze you. However, killing them is quite easy if you have a slinger. You can find them in Coral Highlands, Ancient Forest, and the Wildspire Waste.

This monster can be found in Ancient Forest and the Wildspire Waste. Hunt them around fungi, or follow them to the motherlode of the mushrooms if you are in need of mushrooms.

This monster only grants you Raw Meat. You can find them in Wildfire Waste, but beware as they travel in large groups and are known to have a hard shell so as to protect themselves.

This monster will attack back if you try to endanger it. It can be found in packs in Ancient Forest and the Wildspire Waste. They charge their attackers but their charge can be easily blocked. Killing it should not be a problem.

This monster is found in Wildfire Waste. You can use meat to lure them into a trap. Then you can slay them for crafting materials or use them as a mode of transportation.

This monster is found in both the Ancient Forest and the Wildspire Waste. You can kill it for materials but make sure you do not move too close to its habitat, as they will massively outnumber you and destroy you.

This monster is found in the Coral Highlands the Ancient Forest. Aim for their head so that you can harvest their horn when you are done killing them. That seems to be their main purpose in the game, to provide horns.

This monster can be found in Coral Highlands and the Rotten Vale. They group together and steal eggs. They primarily serve as food for larger creatures, and perhaps you if you choose to hunt them.

This monster is found in the Coral Highlands. It is found at night and will call for help as soon as it is attacked. It is primarily hunted for crafting materials.

This monster is another creature who is found in the Rotten Vale and will move in packs. They can paralyze their enemies so be extremely careful when trying to attack them.

This monster is an extremely small insect that can be found on land in the Rotten Vale. They are very aggressive and will attack anything that tries to get close to them. Attack them with a slinger if you plan to harvest some crafting materials off of them.

This monster can be found in the Elder’s Recess. It travels in packs and will attack anything regardless of their size. They are very dangerous and aggressive so be extremely careful whenever you are around them.

This monster will move alone but will group together and attack any intruder that they see. They can be found in the Elder’s Recess. Make sure to be careful around them as they are quite accustomed to the harsh living conditions of their surroundings, and can be very deadly in certain situations.

Our Monster Hunter World Monster Guide is a work in progress. We will continue to add more details and content so check back soon for more content.

This concludes our Monster Hunter World Monster Guide. If you have anything to add to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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