Monster Hunter: World Mega Guide

Monster Hunter is a game that has you kill monsters to ensure you are able to live and are able to increase your rank in its multi-dimension progression system. Our Monster Hunter: World Mega Guide is a compilation of everything that you need to know when playing the game, in extreme detail.

Monster Hunter: World Mega Guide

We have done many guides for Monster Hunter and this Monster Hunter: World Mega Guide has all of them in a single place.

Whether you want to kill a monster that is being a pain in your behind or need help with farming, we have got you covered.

Let us go ahead and discover all there is to know about Monster Hunter: World. From the very basics to the advanced stuff which can help you become a very successful hunter.

Getting Started

This is a good place to start, as it will give you some of the basics of the game such as how you are able to fast travel in the game and how to get started.

How Crafting Works?

This guide is great if you want to get accustomed to all of the recipes that are available for you in the game. It will also tell you how you are able to craft all of the items and the different types of items available to you.

Best Weapons

This guide is perfect for someone who wants to be acquainted with all of the weapons that are present in the game. A detailed explanation is given so that you know which weapon should be used for which situation.

How to Upgrade?

This guide is great once you have acquainted yourself with all of the weapons. Upgrades are the main way to keep up with the advanced monsters which you face in the later stages of the game, and you can see all of the upgrade paths in our Upgrades Guide.

Are there Mounts?

Once you have learned all the weapons, look at our Mounts Guide to know which of the monsters you are able to use for your very own benefits.

Combat Tips

This guide is your one-stop on how to actually use your weapons and the mounts when in live battle with various different monsters that are a part of Monster Hunter: World. Look at all of the tips and tactics required to kill the monsters using our Combat Guide.


This is a good place to start for when you are feeling stuck trying to kill monsters. Remember that this is a brief guide that will be good for killing monsters who are not that great. Beginners will find this guide quite useful and can look at our Monsters Guide.

Best Skills

Skills are a good way to have an edge once you find out that weapons are not cutting it. There are a lot of different skills that you can use and this Skills Guide.

Best Armor

You should already know a lot about offense by now but defense is just as important. Look at our Armor Guide to find out which armor is the right one for you.

How to Earn Research Points

Knowledge is also very important as it can allow you to make immense progress in the game. Research Points are important but a little bit difficult to understand. All of that is made easier if you look at our Research Points Guide.

How Multiplayer Works?

Now that you are aware of all of the extreme basics of the game, go online and fight the monsters with your friends using our Multiplayer Guide which tells you on how to set up multiplayer and how to get the most out of it.

How to Fish

Fishing is one of the ways that you can add depth to your game. It is a fun way to be able to get some food or some other minor resources. Fishing is not that difficult but many players are not aware of its potential, so this Fishing Guide is a good place to start.

Complete Assigned Quests

Since the main storyline is not enough to satisfy a fair amount of players, there are many side quests in the game. A comprehensive guide on all of them is available at SegmentNext, so look at our Assigned Quests Guide.

How to Complete Bounties

Bounties are another extra addition to the game which can increase the replayability of the game. They are perfect for upgrading your character and his/her weaponry, and you can access our Bounties Guide.

Investigations Walkthrough Guide

Investigations are once again in addition to the game which adds a little bit of diversity to the constant grinding nature of the game. Look at our Investigations Guide to find out how they work.

Boulder Bone Guide

Armor crafting is one of the things that you are allowed to do in order to have some control over which defense tactics you are using. Look at our Boulder Bone Guide to figure out how the system works.

How to Get Palicoes?

Palicoes is a companion that you get which can be incredibly helpful with its gadgets and equipment. Palicoes can be very useful if you know how to use him, and our Palicoes Guide will tell you exactly that.

Expeditions Guide

These expeditions are done in multiplayer and thus, may require some patience and learning in order to understand how to set them up and execute them. Look at our Expeditions Guide.


Want to know what mantles are? Want to know how you can use them to benefit you? Do not worry; just look at our Mantles Guide.

Best Augmentations

There are 2 things that this guide helps you with. The first is how you can get Streamstones, and the second one is adding Augmentations. Look at our Augmentations Guide.

Affinity Guide

Weapon affinity can be a massive factor in how well it performs while going toe to toe with some of the monsters in the game. In order to figure out how to increase your affinity, look at our Affinity Guide.

How to Defeat Deviljho

Deviljho is one of the toughest monsters in the game. There is a lot of preparation required and many upgrades before you can take on Deviljho. For all the information on this wretched beast, look at our Deviljho Guide.

Mega Man Palico Set Guide

You can use our Mega Man Palico Set Guide to figure out how to unlock this new set for your character.

How to Defeat Behemoth

As new content is constantly is added to the game constantly, there are new enemies for you to fight. Behemoth is a monster that is incredibly difficult to take down, so look at our Behemoth Guide to figure out how.

That is all we have for our Monster Hunter: World Mega Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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