Monster Hunter World Iceborne Lynian Research Locations

In Seliana, you are going to come across a Lynian Researcher at the entrance to the Round Table Room in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, who is going to provide you with a quest of completing 20 Lynian Research Request. He is going to provide you with a camera and ask you to take 20 photos for him to accomplish the Fledgling Observer and Outstanding Observer trophy/achievement. This guide will focus on helping you find the location of these Monster Hunter World Iceborne Lynian Research requests.

Iceborne Lynian Research Locations

There are certain conditions of taking these pictures like some pictures can only be taken at a certain time and some can only be taken in specific weather. For some photos, your Grimalkyne faction should be high too.

After clicking all these pictures, you will acquire the trophy/achievement “Outstanding Observer”

Below is a list of all the locations where you are going to find the photos to complete your challenge

Ancient Forest

A Keen Sense of Smell: In the Ancient Forest, climb the tree in the Bugtrappers camp and take a photo of the Bugtrapper.

Keeping Up the Pace: Again, you are supposed to climb a tree in area 6 where you are going to take a picture of the felines roaming around together.

The Leaf Boat: You have to take a Bugtrapper along with you to a place where the water is deep enough for him to drown. He will make use of a leaf boat to cross along the water and you have to take a picture of it.

Grimalkyne Under a Chilly, Wet Roof: Level up the Bugtrapper to level 7 and then wait for the rainy season. Stand two of them under a leaf as an umbrella and take pictures of them in either area 4 or 6.

Wildspire Waste

Itchy Ears: Go to the Protectors’ lair (next to area 15 camp). Once there, you’ll find an animal scratching its ear. Take its pictures.

The Grimalkyne’s Out of the Bag: In one of your camps, your Palico will get curious and begin digging inside your bags. Make sure you have a protector with you at this time as he will be observing the Palico until it comes out of your bag. The protector will get shocked and you will click a picture of him.

Day Training: In daylight, you have to take a picture of two protectors fighting with each other in either area 6 or 9.

Coral Highlands

Hello There!: In the Troupers Lair (area 11), they will say hello to each other with their swords. You have to take a picture of them while they are performing these movements.

Taming the Wildlife: In daylight (during clear weather), snap a picture of a Trouper taming a Shamos. This can be done in areas 3 or 8.

The Sound of Success: At night time, take a picture of the Troupers rehearsing their performance in areas 3, 9 or 12.

Rotten Vale

Air Pollution: Take a plunderer into any polluted area with yellow mist and take a picture of him while he is coughing.

Polished to a Sheen: In area 15, in the Plunderer’s lair, take a picture of him while he sits on top of a cliff and cleans his weapon.

A Big Catch: When you acquire the ability of Plunderers which allows them to trap large monsters by achieving level 3 unity with them, mount a monster so they trap it in areas 1,8 or 9 and take a picture of them.

Eat or be Eaten: At night time while the acid rain is pouring down, take a picture of a plundered catching a fish in either area 12 or 15.

Elder’s Recess

Let’s Dance!: Area 16, in the Gajalaka lake, snap a photo while they are dancing.

Big Bang Attack: As a monster tries to attack you, have a Gajalaka throw a bomb at him and take a picture of him while doing this.

Flight of the Gajalaka: In the daylight, take a picture of a Gajalaka using a rope to cling onto a Barnos in areas 1,8 or 11.

Hoarfrost Reach

Popo Pecking Order: Take a picture when you see a Boaboa on top of Popo either in areas 2 or 7.

Ready, Aim, Fire!: Once you achieve Unity Level 3 with the Boaboa tribe, you will unlock the ability to harpoon. Check in the map to see where you can harpoon. When you mount a monster, a Boaboa on a cliff will catch it with their harpoons. Take a picture of them trapping it. Do it in areas 6, 11 or 14.

Skinny Dipping: At night time, during the blizzard, take a picture of a Boaboa having a wash in the hot springs in area 2 or 17.