Monster Hunter World Iceborne Hoarfrost Reach Treasure Locations

Check out our guide to know all the treasure locations in the newly added Hoarfrost Reach in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Every region in Monster Hunter World Iceborne has 10 treasures in total and you need to be on Unity Level 6 in order to begin hunting these treasures and this level will be with the Grimalkyne faction of the area. In this guide, we will focus on treasure locations in Hoarfrost Reach as you play through Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Iceborne Hoarfrost Reach Treasure Locations

To take part in treasure hunts there is a gadget that you need to unlock. Then you need the help of Grimalkyne who will give you hints for treasures you seek if you present them with items they like. You can tell that they like what you have if they dance.

You will have three tries with them after that you will have to reenter a region to get three tries again. They are fans of meats, passions, traps. Upon giving them their preferred items they will give you clues about the whereabouts of the treasures you seek.

Every area has different factions that you need to have a unity level with. The Hoarfrost Reach region is no exception. It also has 10 treasures and we will tell you about the locations of all these treasures in this guide:

Treasure #1
You can find this treasure in the east side or area number 3 as shown on the map

Hoarfrost Reach Treasure

Treasure #2
This treasure is present in area 10 in the west

Treasure #3
You can find this treasure close to the north exit of area 6

Treasure #4
If you go out from the drop-exit of camp 7 then the landing place will be in front of this treasure

Treasure #5
If you exit from camp 12 and go a few steps from there you will find this treasure in area 10 in its east

Treasure #6
This treasure is located in the corner at the northeast of area 7

Treasure #7
This one is located in the northwest of area number 13

Treasure #8
At the border of area 2 and 5, you can find this treasure

Treasure #9
If you go in area 9 then you can get this treasure from the small tunnel entrance inside the wall.

Treasure #10
You will have to use the glide Mantle from area 13 and reach at the top of this region to find this treasure. You will have to work a little for this.

These are all the treasures found in this region. Let us know if we missed something. Have fun collecting these treasures

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