Monster Hunter World Holiday Joy Fest Guide

Monster Hunter World fans have a new event to look forward to. From December 20th and onwards, the Holiday Joy Fest will take place and it will bring with it a lot of brand new content to the game. This event is a part of Iceborne’s 12.01 update and is meant to capture the mood of the Christmas season. Though not everything happening at this event has been fully revealed in detail, this Monster Hunter World Holiday Joy Fest guide will cover everything that we do know about it.

Monster Hunter World Holiday Joy Fest

This Holiday Joy Fest event is going to be on both consoles and it will serve as the first huge update for the game on Xbox in a while.

It will be followed by a Grand Appreciation Fest in Astera and Seliana during January to celebrate the second anniversary of MHW.

The Holiday Joy Fest is different from other holiday themed events because of the fact that the majority of new content can only be accessed by players who own Iceborne. This includes new armor and gear among other things.

Players who don’t own the expansion can still get some new perks such as greater login bonuses, limited bounties and in-game sales at shops.

Players who do own the expansion can find a bunch of new event quests to attempt when playing during the Holiday Joy Fest.

Winners who complete these events well will get VIP tickets and can craft new types of holiday-themed armor for yourself and your Palico. This includes Layered armor as well so you should definitely hop to these events.

Capcom has mentioned both VIP Joyful Tickets and VIP Holiday Joy Tickets as part of the event but at the moment, the difference between the two (if any) is not known.

The Lunar Terrace will have a Chinese New Year-themed makeover for this event while your Handler wears a golden cheongsam outfit.

Even some of the armor versions that have been displayed carry red and gold Chinese themed patterns with Tigrex and Nargacuga designs.

If you have a sufficient amount of VIP Tickets then you can craft this armor for yourself.

Your Palico can also wear a new set that is designed like the Chinese New Year’s lion dance. This is known as the Shishi-mai outfit and you can craft it for your little companion so that he too can join in on the festivities.

Another new armor set called Oolong Alpha+ has also been revealed. It has its own perks that allow you to get Joyful Tickets much quicker. This means that this armor has more to offer than purely cosmetic uses.

There are also new items of gear and weapons that the developers have deemed “unconventional”. This means their focus is more on making things fun rather than being practical hunting tools.

A giant pickax and a large hammer with rockets on its back end are among these. You can craft these and go nuts.

There are also little touches like Hunters getting a Snowman during the Holiday Joy Fest. You can place these in many different locations across Hoarfrost Reach.

Players can get into the holiday spirit even more by purchasing new gestures, dances, hairstyles, room décor, and stickers. These can be found in PSN store and will make your holidays feel even jollier!

So far, it seems like Capcom is putting a lot of heart and effort into making the MHW Holiday Joy Fest stand out from other holiday-themed events.

They haven’t shown their full hand yet but we will keep updating this guide with new details as the present themselves