Monster Hunter World Gourmet Shroomcaps – Gourmet Shroomcaps Colonies, Fungal Flexin in the Ancient Forest

Gourmet Shroomcap is a unique mushroom in Monster Hunter World used to complete ‘Fungal Flexin in the Ancient Forest’ by gathering few of them. New players are finding it hard to find these Gourmet Shroomcaps. Therefore, our Monster Hunter World Gourmet Shroomcaps Guide will help you find these Monster Hunter World’s Unique mushrooms and tell you about the location where you can gather them.

While Gourmet Shroomcaps are unique items but, they are also optional items that players can collect if they want to. However, the completionists among us won’t rest until they have found all of these Monster Hunter World’s Unique mushrooms, which are also hard to find and here we will help these completionists to find these Gourmet Shroomcaps.

Monster Hunter World Gourmet Shroomcaps

Our Monster Hunter World Gourmet Shroomcaps Guide will help in finding this unique colony to find most important item; Gourmet Shroomcaps, which are not that easy to find.

When playing the Monster Hunter World’s Main Story, you will end up with a ‘Delivery Quest’. This quest is slowing down a lot of people and players are finding it a bit hard to find the required ingredients. The quest requires you to collect 20 Gourmet Shroomcap and rewards players with 750z.

1– First, you need to travel to Ancient Forest or fast travel to the Northeast Camp. After dropping down from your Flying Mount, head straight where you will find a Narrow Cave, left to the Waterfall.

Jump when you reach the edge and drop down. When you land on the ground, look for a ‘Climbable Tendril’. Tendril will lead you upwards. You need to head up and enter the cave area. On entering, you’ll be able to see the first Shroom Colony to collect them.

2– For the second Colony, just walk a few feet forward and gather them. The second one is not that hard to find. Follow the same path for the third Colony, just take 7-8 steps and you will reach it.

3– Once you have gathered the third Colony, walk towards the left-hand side of the area and you will spot a bone structure at far. Go to the ‘Bonepile’ which is lootable. Once you have looted or skipped the loot, go to the right-hand side of the Bonepile, on the edge of the right you’ll have your forth Colony.

4– For the fifth one, you have walk back where you collected the third Colony. On reaching the third Colony mentioned above, take a right and jump. The jump will allow you to swing to another side. On landing, walk straight on the root of the trees to find the next Colony.

5– For the last Colony, head straight down the cave where you can see the exit. Near the exit on the right side, you will find your last Gourmet Shroomcap.

If you have followed the instruction properly and not missed any, you will get the notification of completing the quest saying ‘Main Objective Complete!’. You can also find them in a different section like two in Sector 4, two in Sector 8, one in Sector 9, and three in sector 11.

This is all we have in our Monster Hunter World Gourmet Shroomcaps Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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