Monster Hunter World Fishing Guide – Fishing Spots, Why Should You Fish, Fish Types

Monster Hunter World Fishing Guide to help you everything you need to know about Fishing in the game, why should you fish, best places to fish, and how to fish.

Monster Hunter World is not about just killing the ferocious monsters. The game has many other interesting aspects which are also very exciting. The game allows you to capture, gather, and craft different items. Monster Hunter World Fishing is also a great way to spend time that lets you complete different quests. Monster Hunter World Fishing Guide will help you learn how to fish and where to collect exotic fishes in the game.

Fishing in Monster Hunter World is a side activity and obviously an optional one. However, the game itself doesn’t give many tips as to how to fish in the game. But fear not, as we are here to help you with how to fish in Monster Hunter World, where can you fish and more in this guide.

Monster Hunter World Fishing

The game does not explain much about the side-activities because there are a lot of things you can do in Monster Hunter World. Unlike other activities, Fishing is very useful when it comes to Research Points.

Fishing seems to be very boring for some playing in the game but it is very rewarding. To fish, you will require a Fishing Rod which is already available to use in your inventory. You have to select Fishing Rod by just pressing R2/RT into the water. Once Reel Option appears on the screen, Press O/B to capture the fish.

To gather fish, you must go to a near water pool. I would recommend going to ‘Ancient Forest’. The area contains a lot of Fishing Spots near Southwest Camp which is a good starting place. Piscine Researcher is also available which provides Fishing Quest that is highly rewarding.

Why Should You Fish

In Monster Hunter World, by fishing, you can complete Piscine Researcher which is available in Ancient Forest. These quests will reward you with new recipes. The recipes very important because they give a different kind of boost which is very helpful in boss fights. Fish loot provides different buffs which are very good and some are also craftable.


Research Points can be earned by reeling fishes. On pulling the fish, one might drop an item. Commission Researcher will grant you Critical Bounties for fish to unlock new items in Astera.

Piscine Researcher
The researchers are present at the Ancient Forest but you need to explore the area. You can find them at any time and start the quest by talking to them. The NPC will give a task to complete.

The task is mostly about caught the fish. Fish can found nearby or you might have to look around in different areas of the map. Once the task is completed, you have to turn it in at the Resource Center in Astera that will unlock new ingredient in the Canteen.

Fish and Capture Spots

As you explore the world of Monster Hunter, you will find different places where you will see different fish. There are different types of fish which are used in crafting different items. By looking carefully, you can identify the fish and its type after spending few hours in the game. Below are some fish worth mentioning!

Goldfish is basically Cash Fish which you can sell for Zenny. This is not available in the starting areas but you progress deep into the Main Story you will be able to fish them. Coral Highlands is the best spot to farm them – look for a cave with pond.

The Goldenfish is not easy to capture so make sure you take your time with this fish. The most effective way is to use Baitbugs which will make it easy to capture. The fish sells for 1,000z which is great.

Sushifish is one of the most common fish that you will come around with. Compared to Goldenfish, the Sushifish is very common and cheap. Taking Sushifish Scale to the Canteen will reward you with Three Ration and Two Herbal Medicines which are free and can cure Poison Sickness.

To sharpen your weapon much quicker and faster than Whetstone, you need to farm Whetfish which is almost where deep water is. Ancient Forest will be quickest and nearest area to farm this fish. Glowing blue eyes are the indication that Whetfish is coming near.

This is all we have in our Monster Hunter World Fishing Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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