Monster Hunter: World Aqua Sac Farming Guide

Gear and Weapons are the key to success in Monster Hunter: World which is always riddled with terrifying and powerful creatures. Dinos, rhinos, dragons, you name it! On your quest to conquer all these monsters, you will need to max out on your weapons and armors’ capabilities. Aqua Sac in Monster Hunter: World is one among the many resources you will require to upgrade your gear. Here’s how you get that:

Monster Hunter: World Aqua Sac Farming

Aqua Sac is one of the resources you will be able to get hands-on, early in the game. The resource is required to upgrade the following weapons and armor pieces:


  • Aqua Arrow I (Bow)
  • Aqua Assault I (Heavy Bowgun)
  • Aqua Bagpipe I (Hunting Horn)
  • Aqua Hammer I (Hammer)
  • Aqua Horn I (Lance)
  • Aqua Messer I (Sword)
  • Aqua Rod I (Insect Glaive)
  • Aqua Slasher I (Great Sword)
  • Madness Axe I (Switch Axe)
  • Madness Gunlance I (Gunlance)
  • Madness Pangas I (Dual Blades)
  • Madness Rifle I (Light Bowgun)
  • Mudslide Blade I (Charge Blade)
  • Jyura Shotel I


  • Butterfly Brachia (Arms)
  • Jyura Mail (Mail)
  • Jyura Coil (Waist)
  • King Beetle Brachia (Arms)

Aqua Sac has a numerical rarity of 4 and the chance of acquiring it from a particular dinosaur will not go above 18%. The monster in question is Jyuratodus which you will be able to encounter in the Wildspire Wastes region of the map.

This is the swampy area where the boss enemy itself will throw mud your way in order to stun you. Other dangerous attacks include a small dive into the surrounding water for splash damage.

It is best to go with weapons which deal Fire Damage as Jyuratodus is very vulnerable to the element. As for water-based weapons, this creature is very comfortable with them and boasts a strong resistance against them.

To increase your chances of acquiring the Aqua Sac, search and investigate clues in Astera. Defeating Jyuratodus will award you with the resource as well, but as we mentioned earlier, there is only 18% of that happening. Keep trying until you get the resource!

This is all we have in our Monster Hunter: World Aqua Sac Farming Guide. If you have anything else to add, be sure to let us know!

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