Monster Hunter Stories 2 X Marks the Spot Walkthrough

There are plenty of side quests in Monster Hunter Stories 2 that are relatively straightforward. X Marks the Spot is one such side quest in Monster Hunter Stories 2 that tasks you on finding a treasure based on a few clues. In this guide, we’ll be taking a dig into the details of the X Marks the Spot side quest.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 X Marks the Spot

Monster Hunter Stories 2 X Marks the Spot requires you to find three locations based on a series of clues in sequential order. You’ll be able to get this quest from an NPC in Kuan Village. Although it is a 3 Star quest, you won’t be able to complete it until you’ve reached the next area in the game.

Anyhow, our guide below contains a breakdown of all the locations you’ll need to visit in order to acquire the desired treasure and get your hands on a handsome reward.

So, let’s get started!

Treasure Location # 1 – Sailor’s Beach

The first clue that you receive will hint towards a boat and a beach.

So, accordingly, fast travel to the Sailor’s Beach in the Alaca Region. Here, look for a shiny collectible in the southern part of the beach. It will give you another clue.

Treasure Location # 2 – Hapuna Falls

The clue that you found on Sailor’s Beach says, “Sky halved by water”. It is pointing towards a waterfall on Hakolo Island. To be more specific, it is hinting at Hapuna Falls.

You can head there the easiest through the North Kamuna Cape Catavan Stand fast travel point. Towards the right of the waterfall, you’ll find the last clue of this quest.

Treasure Location # 3 – Zeroman Oasis

The third and the last clue describes life in the Sands of Death and hints that the desired location shines at night.

So, accordingly, using the fast-travel ability, head to the Lamure Region. Note that this region will be unlocked only if you’ve completed the story in Loloska.

Once there, you’ll need to go to Zeroman Oasis where you’ll find a shining spot. However, as the clue implies, you’ll only be able to see the shine only in the evening time and beyond.

Once you’ve found the treasure, which will turn out to be a hand mirror, make your way back to Kuan Village to turn it in. As a reward, you’ll get 10 Bottle Caps, 3 Golden Chunks, 5000 zenny, and 110 XP.