How to Find Shakalaka in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Shakalakas are small but formidable creatures that are the key to making high-end gear in MH Stories 2 Wings of Ruin. In this guide, we will take a look at how to find Shakalaka in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

How to Find Shakalaka in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Small creatures, that are hard to find, Shakalakas have a mask over their heads, so their true face is unknown. These are humanoid creatures with green skin.

You should never underestimate Shakalakas, they may be small, but they can easily knock out a hunter with their swift attacks and poison. They can also have Bounce Bomb and Sleep Bombs. Shakalakas can manipulate the enemy by dropping fake, explosive treasures.

Shakalakas ability to hide and not be easily found helped them survive between so many giant creatures in Monster Hunter Stories 2. They can also camouflage, and this is their main tool to survive.

Shakalaka Locations

A very important thing to know is that you will not be able to find Shakalaka at the start of the game. Shakalakas are located in the area you visit at the very end of the game MH Stories 2. You encounter them very late, considering they’re used to make high-end gear like Zinogre armor and weapons.

So where exactly can you find Shakalakas? They can be found at the Terga Volcano Base. Terga Volcano is in the Terga region. You can encounter many monsters here, especially fire-based monsters as this area have many caves and hot lava flows everywhere.

If you are in the overworld, you might not see these monsters, but it is very likely that you may face them when exploring the Monster Dens. They can spawn in many areas in the Monster Dens.

How to Find Shakalakas

Now, the question remains that how you will find Shakalaka in the Monster Den as these creatures have the camouflage ability. It is hard to differentiate them from the rest of the environment. This problem can be solved by having a Monstie with you which can search for nearby enemies by its abilities.

From this, you will be able to locate every creature on the map, so that you can always open the maps and know if there is any Shakalaka nearby.

You also might want to claim Shakalaka’s loot, they have some very interesting items. But there is not any way to farm them and get their loot, you will have to look for them in the Monsters Den in Terga.

Shakalakas thought swift with their attacks, but they are not hard to kill, and they do not cause high damage.

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