How to Save Progress in Monster Hunter Stories 2

With plenty of fighting involved in Monster Hunter Stories 2, it is integral that you save the game at regular intervals so that you don’t lose your progress. Our guide takes a dig into all the methods of saving your progress in MH Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Save

MH Stories 2 features two methods of saving the game’s progress: automatic saving and manual saving. In this guide, we’ll be detailing both of these methods to save your progress so that all the hours that you put in the game don’t go to waste.

How to Save Your Progress

Method # 1 – Automatic Saving

Firstly, Monster Hunter Stories 2 offer you an auto-save feature. This feature is activated whenever you enter a new area, arrive at a checkpoint, or reach a decisive part of the storyline. You can see the auto-save icon appearing on the bottom-left of the screen.

Method # 2 – Manual Saving

You’ve got two ways for manually saving your progress in MH Stories 2 Wings of Ruin.

For the first one, you’ll need to head to your house in the Mahana Village, approach the bed, and interact with it using the A button. As a result, your character will rest while the save menu pops up on the screen.

From the save menu, you can then pick the slot where you want to save the game. Note that by saving this way, you’ll override the autosave feature.

As far as the second way of saving progress is concerned, it involves the use of Catavans who are mainly known for their quick travel ability.

Given that you have unlocked the Catavan ability (that happens at the start of the game), you’ll find Catavan points scattered around the map. All you have to do is head to one of those points and hit the save button. Note that to quick travel to these points, you can also call the Catavans.