How to Get Glavenus in Monster Hunter Stories 2

In this guide, we'llbe showing you How to Get Glavenus in Monster Hunter Stories 2 by defeating it in a boss fight and acquiring its egg

In Monster Hunter Stories 2 one of the powerful monsters you are going to face is Glavenus. We’ll be showing you how to get Glavenous in Monster Hunter Stories 2 in this guide so you can add this monstie to your roster.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Glavenus

You will find the Glavenus egg only after defeating it in the Boss battle. You will find the Glavenus egg in the Alcala rare Dens after defeating the boss and making it retreat to the nest.

Glavenus can be found in the main region in Alcala at times. If you don’t see it, simply fast travel away and come back.

Once you find a Glavenus, you have to battle it with full power and make it retreat to its nest so you can collect its egg. Now, let’s start with how you can defeat Glavenus in MH Stories 2.

How to Defeat Glavenus in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Glavenus, while a formidable boss, isn’t entirely as invincible as it might seem. Studying its fighting pattern and weaknesses along with the strategy below can help you to overcome this fight rather easily.


As we have told you earlier that Glavenus is a powerful monster but it does have some weaknesses as well except the tail part. Glavenus’ head and body are weak against slashing, piercing, and blunt respectively.


After the weaknesses, let’s start with some of its behaviors. Glavenus’ first behavior is Default in which its attack type is Power. The second behavior is Enraged with attack type Technical and the third one is Blazeball with attack type Speed.

Take some Heals and Vital Essences

Glavenus has very powerful single-target moves so you have been advised to collect as many Vital Essences and healing items as you can before getting into a fight with the monster.

Glavenus Fight Strategy

Now for fighting, the boss the strategy is simple. You have two options you can either attack its tail from the start and break it first since it has no weakness or you can just leave it.

If you take out its tail first which is as sturdy as it gets, you will be a step ahead in defeating that boss and making him retreat. Once you have taken out its tail he can’t use it anymore and after that, you can focus on the head and body which are its Achilles’ heel.

Glavenus will also spend a turn charging up a fiery attack which can be very dangerous and it is your warning for Blazeball as well. This is a speed skill so should have a kinship skill for interrupting that attack.

Use potions and other items whenever the need for healing the party arises, so you can take on the monster effectively.

You should use attacks like rapid shots, power attacks, and venom strikes on the head and body of the Glavenus, which should ultimately help to make the beast falter.

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