How to Farm Bottle Caps in Monster Hunter Stories 2

We'll be showing you How to Farm Bottle Caps in Monster Hunter Stories 2 so you can go out of your way to buy things from the Melynx Merchant

Monster Hunter Stories 2 uses ‘Bottle Caps’ as its basic currency for everything. If you really want to head out on a shopping spree at a Melynx Inc. merchant near you, we suggest you learn how to Farm Bottle Caps in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

How to Farm Bottle Caps in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Bottle Caps are a special type of currency, different from Zennies, in the world of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. You need these bottle caps to buy items from the Melynx Inc. Merchant.

The Melynx Inc. Merchant has items like hairstyles, armor, weapons, and much more. You should always keep an eye on trying to find bottle caps as they will help you in many stages of the game.

This guide will help you figure out to find these bottle caps in MH Stories 2.

Melynx Inc.

You will find one Melynx Inc. Merchant in every village. You can locate it on the map. The Melynx is a vendor that sells different items in exchange for bottle caps in MH Stories 2.

The Melynx Inc. store constantly updates its stocks with new items so you will need a lot of bottle caps to buy these things. The items are rare and can benefit you in great ways to progress through the game.

How to Quickly Earn Bottle Caps in MH Stories 2

This currency (the bottle caps) can be found in Everdens. These are fixed Monster Dens in particular locations. The locations are marked on the map, and you can find them easily.

These places have treasure chests which have bottle caps inside them. The number of bottle caps inside each treasure chest is not specific, it ranges from 6 to 10 or even more.

Everdens being bigger in size compared to other dens have a lot of resources and different types of monsters to defend said riches. It is advised to check your team before going out to find the treasure chests. Explore the area carefully so you do not miss any chest.

Quests for Bottle Caps

Another source to find bottle caps is through quests. You can find some quests on the Quest Board, or you will encounter some NPCs who offer you quests and give you bottle caps in exchange.

It is recommended to search the dens; this is a more efficient way to find bottle caps in MH Stories 2. A Monstie with Nest-Search ability will help you a lot to look for bottle caps.

The Monstie can mark every Den. And if you don’t have the ability to search the area in the best way possible, then you can always note down the location of these Everdens, as they don’t randomly spawn so the dens will be always in the same spot, and come back when you have the abilities for a proper search.

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