Monster Hunter Stories 2 Armor Sets Guide

This guide covers the basic Armor Sets you’ll unlock in Monster Hunter Stories 2 along with tips on finding the Layered Armor and how you can Craft and Upgrade armors.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Armor Sets

There are over 100 unique armor sets in Monster Hunter Stories 2 each having its own stats including special skills. Furthermore, you can even craft different sets of armors and even upgrade them to improve their stats!

Before we look at the different armor sets in the game let’s talk about how you can craft them

How to Craft Armors

Crafting Armors in MH Stories 2 is relatively easier than most RPG games. Simply visit villages and find different Smithies to craft armors for you. However, nothing is done for free, hence you must pay the Smithy in Zenny (currency in Monster Hunter) and provide them some material as well.

Finding materials for the Smithy can be a long process, as it requires you to defeat creatures and collect their droppings. These droppings come in various shapes and sizes such as organs and other bones of the opponent and its obtainable points depend upon the rarity of the material.

Once all the material is collected, pay the Smithy with those Zenny and get your armor crafted. In case you have an empty wallet, you can always exchange your old gear to Smithy for new gear crafts.

How to Upgrade Armors

Upgrading Armors and other weapons also require you to pay a visit to Smithy, pay him Zenny and provide him with some material. However, this time both materials whether it be from the creature or other source are required for upgrading Armors.

Also, note that the more you upgrade your Armor, the more you have to pay Smithy and the more unique materials you have to provide him with. Once you have all the materials needed, you can upgrade your Armor.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Layered Armor

Like previous Monster Hunter games, there’s a Layered Armor system in Monster Hunter Stories 2. This Layered system helps in keeping your gear fresh by giving it the appearance of the layered armor set no matter what other armor you have equipped.

This means that you don’t have to compromise on stats or fashion when equipping armor!

How to Equip Layered armor

Simply head over to your house, open your chest, scroll to the Appearance settings, you’ll find the customization option where you’ll see the Layered Armor option at the bottom.

Where to get layered armor

You can get these Layered Armors in two ways. The first option is to visit the town called Lulucion and find a Smithy. However, don’t confuse this one for the one who forges, upgrades and crafts your gear as there are two different Smithys in this town.

Once you’ve found the Smithy, pay him 700 Zenny to get the Layered Amor but keep in mind that, you need to prove yourself worthy before actually acquiring the armor. Meaning, you must already have forged to get the Layered Armor to wear your desired armors whenever you please.

The second option is to buy the Mahanna Outfit Layered Armor from the Melynx Inc. merchant NPC for 5 Bottle caps. Bottle Caps are also considered as currency in the game which you can find in chests in Everdens or can get rewarded with them for completing quests.

MH Stories 2 Armor Sets List

Below we have listed some of the basic set of armors in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Kut-Ko Armor

  • Defense: 25
  • Weak Point: 13
  • Skills: Fire Def Boost (S)

Bnahabra Armor

  • Defense: 23
  • Weak Point: 13
  • Skills: Inflict Rate Up (S)

Bulldrome Armor

  • Defense: 23
  • Weak Point: 13
  • Skills: HtH Master (S)

Leather Armor

  • Defense: 16
  • Weak Point: 8
  • Skills: Synchronize (S)

Hunter Armor

  • Defense: 16
  • Weak Point: 8
  • Skills: Non-Elem Def Boost (S)

Bone Armor

  • Defense: 16
  • Weak Point: 8
  • Skills: Non-Elem Atk Boost (S)

Velocidrome Armor

  • Defense: 20
  • Weak Point: 11
  • Skills: Evasion Ability (S)

Kululu Armor

  • Defense: 22
  • Weak Point: 12
  • Skills: Dancer (S)

Pukei-Pukei Armor

  • Defense: 26
  • Weak Point: 14
  • Skills: Antivenom (M)

Great Jaggi Armor

  • Defense: 33
  • Weak Point: 18
  • Skills: Critical (S)

Garuga Armor

  • Defense:  47
  • Weak Point: 25
  • Skills: Critical (S), Counter 2

Basarios Armor

  • Defense: 46
  • Weak Point: 25
  • Skills: Non-Elem Def boost (S), Partbreaker (S)

Lumu Armor

  • Defense: 42
  • Weak Point: 22
  • Skills: Divine Blessing (S)

Arzuros Armor

  • Defense: 36
  • Weak Point: 20
  • Skills: Health Boost (S)

Ludroth Armor

  • Defense: 34
  • Weak Point: 18
  • Skills: Water Def Boost (S)

Quropeco Armor

  • Defense: 36
  • Weak Point: 20
  • Skills: Dancer (S)

Kut-Ku U Armor

  • Defense: 39
  • Weak Point: 21
  • Skills: Fine Boost (S), Critical (S)

Tetsucabra Armor

  • Defense: 42
  • Weak Point: 22
  • Skills: Guard Chance (S), Non-Elem Atk Boost (S)

Obituary Armor

  • Defense: 47
  • Weak Point: 25
  • Skills: Salt in Wound (M), Evasion Ability (S)

Nargacuga Armor

  • Defense: 49
  • Weak Point: 27
  • Skills: Evasion Ability (S), Salt in Wound (S)

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