Monster Hunter Stories 2 Best Armor Sets

This guide covers the basic Armor Sets you’ll unlock in Monster Hunter Stories 2 along with tips on finding Layered Armor and how you can Craft and Upgrade.

There is a long list of armor sets in Monster Hunter Stories 2, each having its own stats, some including special skills. You have the option to craft these armor sets and upgrade them.

As you might already know, Monster Hunter Stories 2 has Armor (Outfits) for both male and female characters. While the male and female armor might not be different regarding stats, their appearance can vary for different outfits. Then, there is layered armor as well, which you can unlock and acquire to add more flavor to your current armor.

In this guide, we are going to share a list of Monster Hunter Stories 2 best armor. Then, we will also discuss how Layered Armor works in the game.


To acquire the materials to craft the following Armor sets in Monster Hunter Stories 2, you can kill certain monsters who will drop these materials. Sometimes, you can also get the required materials from chests as well.

Kut-Ko Armor

kut ku armor monster hunter stories 2

The Kut-Ko Armor is a very good armor to get your hands on early in the game. This armor is suitable against enemies that use fire attacks. It has significant resistance against all elemental attacks. It is a suitable armor in the start of the game but isn’t a good pick later on.

  • Defense: 25
  • Weak Point: 13
  • Skills: Fire Def Boost (S)
  • Materials: Kut-Ku Material (6pts)

Bone Armor

Bone armor

The Bone Armor is a good choice for players who want to have decent defensive stats at the start of the game. This armor has an old-age look to it as well, which illuminates the bone aspect of the armor.

  • Defense: 16
  • Weak Point: 8
  • Skills: Non-Elem Atk Boost (S)
  • Materials: Bone (4pts)

Kululu Armor

The Kululu Armor gives a tribal look to it. This armor seems lightweight but can handle pretty well in battle.

  • Defense: 22
  • Weak Point: 12
  • Skills: Dancer (S)
  • Materials: Kulu-Ya-Ku Material (3pts)

Great Jaggi Armor

great jaggi armor

The Great Jaggai Armor is a great early-game armor for players who want to have an advantage when facing enemies. This armor increases the attack stats of the players. Crafting this armor is not a difficult task as well as the Great Jaggi are not that difficult monsters to kill.

  • Defense: 33
  • Weak Point: 18
  • Skills: Critical (S)
  • Materials: G. Jaggi Material (4pts)

Basarios Armor

basarios armor

The Basarios Armor is a sleek armor that gives a significant defense against water and thunder attacks but it is weak against dragons. It has multiple upgrades which amplify the player’s stats to a good amount

  • Defense: 46
  • Weak Point: 25
  • Skills: Non-Elem Def boost (S), Partbreaker (S)
  • Materials: Basarios Material (4pts)

Ludroth Armor

ludroth armor

The Ludroth Armor is an iconic armor set that was also available in the previous game. This armor is strong defensively against water attacks but is weak against fire attacks.

  • Defense: 34
  • Weak Point: 18
  • Skills: Water Def Boost (S)
  • Materials: Royal Ludroth Material (4pts)

Nargacuga Armor

nargacuga armor

The Nargacuga Armor is a dark-themed armor set that is outstanding in design. It resembles a lot to the monster from which you can loot its materials (the Nargacuga). This armor is strong against water but is weak against thunder attacks.

  • Defense: 49
  • Weak Point: 27
  • Skills: Evasion Ability (S), Salt in Wound (S)
  • Materials: Nargacuga Material (4pts)

Rath Heart Armor

rath heart armor

This armor is considered one of the best armor sets in the game. The Rath Heart Armor is the best armor to consider when you wish to prioritise your health stats over attack stats as its skills greatly amplify the player’s health.

  • Defense: 148
  • Weak Point: 80
  • Skills: Self Heal (XL), Crit Heal (L), Health Boost (M)
  • Materials: nil

Dreadqueen Armor

dread queen armor

A great choice of armor in battle. This armor increases the critical hit stats of the player while also amplifying the attack stats making it a handy armor set in battle.

  • Defense: 166
  • Weak Point: 90
  • Skills: Salt in Wound (XL), Inflict Rate Up (L), Critical (L)
  • Materials: nil

Bloodbath Armor

bloodbath armor

A perfect armor to hone once you complete the main storyline. This armor greatly amplifies all the stats of the players and its skills are no joke when it comes to being an all-rounding armor set choice. This armor also has a captivating design making it both beautiful and devastating in battle.

  • Defense: 166
  • Weak Point: 90
  • Skills: Non-Elem Atk Boost (XL), Tenacity, Evasion Ability (L)
  • Materials: nil

How Monster Hunter Stories 2 Layered Armor Work

Like previous Monster Hunter games, there’s a Layered Armor system in Monster Hunter Stories 2. This Layered system helps keep your gear fresh by giving it the appearance of the layered armor set no matter what other armor you have equipped. This means that you don’t have to compromise on stats or fashion when equipping armor!

To equip Layered Armor in MHS2, head over to your house, open your chest, and scroll to the Appearance settings; you will find the customization option where you’ll see the Layered Armor option at the bottom. Turn it on and you are good to go.

You can unlock Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Stories 2 in two ways. The first option is to visit the town called Lulucion and find a Smithy. However, don’t confuse this one for the one who forges, upgrades, and crafts your gear, as there are two different Smithys in this town.

layered armor smithy location

Once you’ve found the Smithy, pay him 700 Zenny to get the Layered Amor but keep in mind that, you need to have the base armor unlocked if you want the layered variant of that armor.

The second option is to buy the Mahanna Outfit Layered Armor from the Melynx Inc. merchant NPC for 5 Bottle caps. Bottle Caps is the currency in the game, which you can find in chests in Everdens or can get rewarded with them for completing quests.

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