How to Unlock Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

This quick guide will help you find out how to unlock the Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and what are its prerequisites.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has amazing character costumes called layered armors. If you want to take the fashion level of your player to the next level, make sure to unlock them. This guide is the perfect source as it provides essential information about unlocking layered Armor in in the game.

The layered armor can be obtained from Senri, the mailman in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. The players who purchased the game before its release date will be rewarded with “Loyal Dog Costume” and “Striped Cat Costume,” two unique layered armors. You can download the armor from the additional content section.

Unlocking Master Rank Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

In MHR: Sunbreak, unlocking Master Rank Layered Armor will require much effort and time. After completing the main story and “Proof of Courage” quest, the option becomes available.

Minayle, the Blacksmith, will inform the player about this achievement. You will need certain items to craft master armor sets such as tokens. You can acquire these tokens from Anomaly Quests or farm them after completing the game

Different master layered armors require a different number of outfit vouchers + tokens. The hunter-layered armor has a base cost of 2 Outfit Voucher+ tokens, whereas buddy-layered armor requires only one.

Apart from the unlocking procedure, Master rank armors work similarly to the normal ones making your appearance dandier. However, the low/high-rank armors have no master rank duplicates.

Now that you know how to acquire master rank layered armor sets in MHR: Sunbreak, you can go out in style as you slay the toughest and biggest monsters.

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