How to Get Anjanath in Monster Hunter Stories 2

In the guide, we will tell you How to Get Anjanath in Monster Hunter Stories 2 and help you get your hands on one of the hottest monsters in MH Stories 2.  

In the guide, we will tell you how to get Anjanath in Monster Hunter Stories 2 and help you get your hands on one of the hottest monsters or the Anjanath egg in MH Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Anjanath

The Anjanath is just another furious monster that you come across in Monster Hunter Stories 2. However, can you tame it and ride it? The short and sweet answer is; yes!

It is not that easy to get this furious ice-based monster under you, given its rarity of 4. However, the monster has been put out there for you to capture it, and nothing is ever impossible!

You’ll face Anjanath very early on in the game, where you’ll realize that you need sheer determination and will to add it to your team.

If you lose your first battle against this monster, don’t lose heart since you were never meant to win that battle in the first place. You’ll come across another encounter with this beast somewhere later in the game.

That later happens to be towards the end of the second chapter, where you won’t be able to proceed onto the third chapter unless Anjanath has been defeated.

Fighting and Taming Anjanath

As is the case with all the other monsters that you tame, you need to look for Anjanath eggs!

Anjanaths are usually located in North Kamuna Forest, which can be located on the map. For your second encounter with the monster, you need to have plenty of paintballs in your inventory.

They can be crafted using Sap Plant and Paintberry. Paintballs and water-type weapons are all that you need to make the monster retreat. Hit it with all the paintballs that you can before coming in with a strong water-type weapon to break its nose.

You’ll be lucky if Anjanath retreats after being defeated. Else, you’ll have to fight it all over again.

Once it retreats, follow it to its den to look for some very juicy and shiny eggs that will give you the offspring you’re looking for. However, do not settle for anything less than a shiny egg with sparkles all over it.

They’ll yield better results when the egg hatches and a young Anjanath sees the light of day. To increase your chances of getting a shiny egg, offer a finding charm to the prayer pot before heading into the battle.

Once you have the egg, bring it back to the nest and wait for it to hatch to get yourself a cute little Anjanath.

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