How To Get New Switch Skills In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak not only adds new monsters and locations to fight and explore but also new Switch Skills for more ways to play.

These new Switch Skills hand you a lot of powerful abilities to further tailor your character build according to your weapon and preferred playstyle.

Take note that every new weapon in MH Rise Sunbreak has a new Switch Skill, but it all depends on you on how to work them.

The following guide will explain how to get the new Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Getting New MH Rise Sunbreak Switch Skills

You will find it rather easier to get the new Switch Skills in the Sunbreak expansion compared to before. All you need to do is to complete some tasks for Master Utsushi. Here is how to proceed.

You’ll have an intro with Master Utsushi very early in the game. You’ll be able to meet Master Utsushi right after you head to Elgado for the first time. Master Utsushi will appear and offer to teach you some new skills.

The most valuable of these abilities is the Switch Skill Swap. This allows you to switch between any two loadouts of two separate Switch Skills. Alongside this, you will also get numerous skills to apply to each weapon.

Most of these skills will be available after Master Rank 4. One such skill is the insect glaive skill. This skill enables you to shoot a projectile of insects at the monsters. While you’re on Master Rank 4, you’ll have to go to Kamura to speak to Merchant Kage and inquire about his friend Dr. Tadori as part of the main storyline.

You’ll be informed that Utsushi wants to speak to you and this will lead to giving him all the remaining skills to you for free. This is the only thing that you need to do to get the skills.

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