Where To Find The Three Elgado Cohoots In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Finding all three Elgado Cohoots will earn you a Cohoot bird mask as a new armor headpiece in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

These three Cohoots are wandering all across the Elgado Outpost and locating them is a frustrating and difficult task. You need to get a snapshot of the Cohoots to claim the reward but there’s a little trick in that also. That trick and how to find the three Cohoots in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be discussed in this guide.

MH Rise Sunbreak Elgado Cohoots Locations

The request to take pictures of the Cohoots will be made by Pasapato the Historian near the canteen. The request is made very early in the main story.

However, when you’re assigned this task, you will not actually be able to complete it. The reason is that at the time when the request is made, there are only two Cohoots unlocked in the main story. One of them is your own Cohoot that will follow you all around Elgado Landing in the command Post, the Canteen, near Chichae the Quest Damsel, and in the Command Post.

The other Cohoot can be found near the Admiral Galleus located in the command post. Now for the third one, you’ll have to wait.

For this last Cohoot, you’ll have to progress through the story. You’ll be requested to find Doctor Tadori who’s the friend of Kagero the Merchant during Master Rank 4. You’ll complete this request by killing an Astalos.

After getting rid of Astalos, Doctor Tadori will join you at the Elgado Outpost with his Cohoot. To get the photograph of the last Cohoot, make your way to the Command Post. Return to Pasapato and get your Layered Armor Mask.

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