Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Blood Orange Bishaten Weaknesses, Weapons, Armor, Drops

Blood Orange Bishaten, a variant of the original white/grey Bishaten, is a large fanged beast monster newly added in the...

Blood Orange Bishaten, a variant of the original white/grey Bishaten, is a large fanged beast monster newly added in the Sunbreak expansion of Monster Hunter Rise. Blood Orange Bishaten usually wanders around settlements so it is necessary to take it down. This guide will help you find and defeat Blood Orange Bishaten in MH Rise Sunbreak and learn more about the beast, its strengths, weaknesses and resistances.

Where Can I Find Blood Orange Bishaten in MH Rise Sunbreak?

In general, Blood Orange Bishaten can be found in Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains and The Citadel. You can find Blood Orange Bishaten here in free roam.

Additional to these, you have Blood Orange Bishaten as the target of the quest “Scarlet Tengu in the Shrine Ruins”, where you are supposed to head out and hunt a Blood Orange Bishaten.

Blood Orange Bishaten’s Weaknesses

The following table sums up Blood Orange Bishaten’s weaknesses and the damage the beast takes from different attack types on different body parts so you have knowledge of what to use and where to hit.

Body Parts Cut Damage Blunt Damage Ammo Damage Fire Damage Water Damage Thunder Damage Ice Damage Dragon Damage
Head 70 70 60 0 25 20 10 0
Torso 25 25 30 0 15 10 5 0
Forelegs 25 25 30 0 10 5 0 0
Wings 40 30 25 0 10 5 5 0
Hindlegs 25 30 25 0 20 10 5 0
Tail 60 40 40 0 20 10 5 0

From the table, we can see that the best weapons to use against Blood range Bishaten are Cut and Blunt damage weapons. Bishaten is weakest to Water Elemental damage, but the values are nothing compared to Physical damage of all types. Blood Orange Bishaten is completely immune to Fire and Dragon Elemental damage and highly resistant to Ice Elemental Damage.

Blood Orange Bishaten Ailment Effectiveness

Below is the list of different ailments that you can inflict on Blood Orange Bishaten in MH Rise Sunbreak and their effectiveness against Blood Orange Bishaten:

  • Poison – Immune
  • Stun – 1 Star
  • Paralysis – 1 Star
  • Sleep – 1 Star
  • Blast – 2 Star
  • Exhaust – 1 Star
  • Fireblight – 1 Star
  • Waterblight – 2 Star
  • Thunderblight – 1 Star
  • Iceblight – 1 Stars

Blood Orange Bishaten Attack Patterns

Bishaten will switch stances in the fight. When you see Bishaten on its tail rather than its legs, you can hit the tails and you’ll have a chance of knocking down the beast. This piece of information is necessary as some attacks are used in tail stance so you can dodge these attacks and punish Blood Orange Bishaten.

Rage Scream – Blood Orange Bishaten can scream and stun you and any other enemy in the range whilst also interrupting all attacks.

Fire Breath – Blood Orange Bishaten will look upwards and charge his attack, then fires from its mouth in your direction. Attack ahs range but is along a single direction. The damage on the attack is very high so make sure you dodge it.

Explosive Fruit Attacks – Blood orange Bishaten carries explosive fruits in its pouch. Bishaten will regularly throw these at you. The attack has a lot of variations. Bishaten can jump back and throw the fruit, pick multiple fruits and throw them at you, flip a fruit towards you from its tail, or stand on its tail and throw fruits in all 360° directions. These are the Different variations with which Blood Orange Bishaten can use the explosive fruits it has.

Claw Swipe – A standard claw sweep and takes multiple sweeps at you. The attack can be followed by a Tail Slam.

Tail Slam – Bishaten will perform a back flip and slam the tail on the ground. Just dodge to any side and you will be safe.

How to Defeat Blood Orange Bishaten in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbeak

Avoid Fruit Attacks

One of the commonest attacks Bishaten uses is its Explosive Fruits. Whenever you see Bishaten going for its pouch to grab a fruit, get ready to dodge. Honestly, the attack is repeated so many times that you will learn all the animations very quickly. However, these attacks need to be avoided as you can.

Focus on the Tail and Head

Blood Orange Bishaten’s weakest points are its head and tail. These are the go-to body parts to attack every time you get a chance.  The only thing you need to look out for is the Fire Breath when you are attacking the head as the attack is the worst.

Blood Orange Bishaten will often stand on its tail and attack you, but this is a golden opportunity as you can attack the tail to disbalance the beast and it will fall off. The beast will then wriggle on the ground for a while and you will be free to bash it as much as you want.

Be Agile

Blood Orange Bishaten is extremely fast when it is not on its tail. Whenever Bishaten is on its feet, make sure you are ready to dodge a lot of fast attacks and claw swipes that Blood Orange Bishaten will throw at you.

Blood Orange Bishaten Item Drops

Here are the items dropped by Blood Orange Bishaten in Master Rank:

Materials Target Rewards Capture Rewards Break Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
Orangaten Fur 19% 21% 15% (head) 49% (body) 39%, 50%
Orangaten Feather 28% 34% 70% (wing) 32% (body) 35%
Orangaten Talon 20% 16% 30% (wing)
Orangaten Horn 9% 80% (head) 6% (body)
Masisve Bone 12%
Beast Gem 7%
Large Beast Gem 5% 6% 5% (head) 3% (body) 1%
Orangaten Tailcase 23% 100% (tail) 10%, 15%
Solid Bone 10% (body)
Beast Tear 15%
Large Beast Tear 35%
Afflicted Shell 20% 20%

Blood Orange Bishaten Armor Set

Upon capturing Blood orange Bishaten, you can get the following armor sets:

  • Bishaten X Set
  • Showshear Set
  • Orangaten Set

Blood Orange Bishaten Weapons

Additional to the armor sets, you can get the following weapons if you manage to capture a live Blood Orange Bishaten:

  • Bishaten’s Glory
  • Bishaten’s Glory +

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