How to Defeat Bishaten in Monster Hunter Rise

Bishaten is amongst the many exotic monsters featured in Monster Hunter Rise. This gigantic omnivore prefers eating fruits, and it keeps a large amount of these fruits in his pocket. Bishaten loves playing tricks on preys, and our guide show you how to defeat it in the best manner possible when you encounter it in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Defeat Bishaten in Monster Hunter Rise

Bishaten is an incredibly acrobatic monster with a huge tail. Bishaten can use its tail to stand on and also attack people and other prey. The ailments of this fifth-generation monster include poison and stun. You can find this monster in Shrine Ruins and Flooded Forests.

Bishaten can use its tail to swing its entire body while gripping to a surface with the tail hand. This monster uses its wings to glide forward towards the opponent.

The pouch of Bishaten stores a large number of fruits. Bishaten uses these fruits to attack the opponents. Bishaten can also poison and stun its opponents by using different kinds of fruit.


This monster’s body shape is very odd and unlike any monster you’ve seen in the game before. The body of this monster is coated with cream fur. The arms and legs are covered with blue fur.

Just like Kecha Wacha, Bishaten has patagia on its arms which is supported by a single wing finger and is coated with cyan feathers.

These arms help Bishaten glide around effortlessly. The Bishaten consists of four short fingers with black claws and one wing finger. The belly of Bishaten consists of a pocket where it stores a large amount of fruits.

Above these legs, Bishaten has white fur which turns brown at the edge, just like bird wings. The face of Bishaten is eccentric with a lump between its eyes and head.

The jaw is bony and consists of a pointy lump in the front, which consists of nostrils. The ears of Bishaten are large. The neck is coated with blue and white fur.

The Tail of Bishaten

The tail or the fifth limb of Bishaten is its most exciting feature. This tail helps Bishaten balance and support the weight of its body. The tail also consists of five digits at the end. The center digit is slightly bigger than the rest two digits. The hand of this tail is covered in rigid shells.

Now that we know everything about this monster let’s get into the details of the boss fight with Bishaten.

Battle Strategy

March towards the lake where you will find Bishaten. Bishaten will be enraged, and the boss fight will start. Remember that the best way to take down Bishaten is by continuously attacking its tail. Take your antidote for a health boost and dodge Bishaten’s tail attacks.

Stay at proximity but also beware of Bishaten’s fruit and tail attacks. The tail should be your primary area of focus on Bishaten’s body.

Attack the wings and face when you get the chance. Collect the fruit that Bishaten throws in your way but also beware of the poisonous fruit around you. Jump and attack Bishaten from above.

Bishaten will run away to the alleyway nearby. You’ll find him hiding nearby some huts; this is your chance to attack him with full force. Select the Attack and Ride Wyvern option and get on Bishaten’s back. It will be hard to control Bishaten, but it will cause him some damage.

He’ll toss you off his back, be continuous with your attacks and keep hitting him on the head to keep him down on the ground. This will drain him out of his health. Bishaten will do a tailspin; the best way to tackle this spin would be to attack his tail.

Make sure to dodge his tail attacks as they will strike you. Make sure to take your antidote to restore health.

Eventually, Bishaten will run off to a distant spot and launch his fruit attacks from there.  At this point, you should be aware of five types of attacks by Bishaten.

Bishaten Attacks

Tail Stand and Observe
Bishaten will stand on its tail and observe you. Bishaten will start to jump towards you, so it’s essential to start attacking his tail as soon as you get the chance, also keep dodging his attacks while you do so.

Tailspin Charge
Bishaten will stand on its tail and start charging while spinning. You can disable this attack by destroying Bishaten’s tail.

Tail Attack
Its Tail attack causes a great deal of damage, so make sure to dodge this attack.

Flash of Light
Bishaten will grab a persimmon from his tail and slam it on the ground. This creates a flashbang effect which you need to dodge as soon as possible.

Persimmon Toss
Bishaten will throw these fruits towards you; make sure to dodge the poisonous ones and collect the normal ones.

After continuous attacking, Bishaten will slowly begin to stagger and avoid you by running away. You’ll find him loading himself with fruits; he’s getting weak at this point.

Attack him with full force, and you’ll finally be able to defeat this gigantic monster. You have now completed the quest; feel free to collect the items, including; fruits, Bishaten fur, and more lying around you.

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