Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Allfire Stone Locations And Farming Tips

Allfire Stone is one of many crafting materials that you will need to find to craft your endgame weapons and armor in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Allfire Stone is quite available in the starting areas but they will net you nothing unless you reach Master Rank. That is fine because you will not need Allfire Stone any way until Master Rank.

Allfire Stone is a rare mineral and has the highest drop chance from white mining outcrops. That being said, the blue ones will also net you some quantities.

MH Rise: Sunbreak Allfire Stone Locations

You require entrance to the Lava Caverns, which you gain after finishing the Master Rank 4 upgrade quest Howling Moon, in order to begin collecting Allfire Stone.

There are six mining outcrops in this location, but getting to them in the northeastern corner of the lower level in the Lava Caverns is rather challenging.

So, start by going northeast. There ought to be a tiny hole in the wall there. Crawl beneath it. Once you crawl out, there should be a blue mining outcrop nearby.

You’ll then need to glance up and locate a further little opening in the rafters above you. Use your wirebugs to climb the wall there. There should be two blue and three white mining outcrops as you pass through the entrance. To access them, you’ll need to utilize wirebugs. There is also a Relic Record beside one of the mining outcrops if it tickles your attention.

MH Rise Sunbreak Allfire Stone Locations

Best Way To Farm Allfire Stones

Head to Zone 4 and hop onto the rocks starting from the camp in the south. After gathering from this one blue outcrop, head to Zone 5 and get the other two. North of the two outcrops is a big hole that leads into the lower tunnels.

Gather from Zone 10’s single Outcrop on the lower level, then go toward Zone 11’s two blue Outcrops in the north. There is a little opening in the rock wall to the north of Zone 11.

A single blue outcrop and an entrance in the southern wall may be seen beyond it. It’s a little challenging to reach there, but if you Wiredashing straight up, you should succeed.

The last set of outcrops, one blue and one silver, may be found in the broad, lava-lit cavern that lies beyond.

Other silvers may be found in the cavern, but getting to them requires careful platforming, so you’re best off starting the farm over at camp.

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