How to Unlock Secret Armor Sets in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you’ll eventually be fed up with the old Kamura outfit and want something more apposite and current. If that’s the case, MHR: Sunbreak has an incredible variety of Secret Armor Sets. In this guide, we’ll explain how to unlock the Secret Armor Sets in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

How to Unlock Secret Armor Sets in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, even if you’ve completed all of the quests and are hoping to have all of the Armor Sets, we’re afraid to tell you that’s not the case.

Even after going through and completing all of the quests in the game, there are 14 Secret Armors to be found. It’s not that you didn’t collect them during the quests; the problem is that they aren’t available with the quests.

For starters, these Secret Armor Sets can be obtained through the Buddy System. The Sunbreak expansion, like the base game, includes several Armors from the Buddy System, both master ranks versions, and some new entries.

It’s worth noting that the master rank layered armor becomes available after you finish the main story and to unlock it, you must defeat the Afflicted Arzuros at MR 10.

Secret Armor Sets – Master Rank Versions

This section will go over all of the Master Rank Versions of the Secret Armors found in MH Rise: Sunbreak. There are now two methods for unlocking these secret armors: the Argosy System and the Meowcenaries System.

In each system, different armor sets are available. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about them.

The Argosy System Armor Sets

Here is a list of all the Argosy System Armor Sets along with the items required to unlock them.

  • Melahoa X – Valiabiscus
  • Makluva X – Sun Springnight Karp
  • Shell Studded X – Deep Shell
  • Aelucanth X (Male) or Rhopessa X (Female) – Split-Jaw Bottlefly
  • Skalda X(Male) or Spio X (Female) – Large Toxic Kumori
  • Vaik X – Large Armored Bream
  • Barbania – Treasure Chest from Black Market Deals

When initiating a trade request with The Argosy, all of the required items to unlock these armor sets are displayed on the right side of the screen.

Now, a word about the Armor Sets themselves. All of the armor sets have great aesthetics, and you’ll be sold on them alone. You shouldn’t be concerned about the stats because you’ll be able to use them with layer armor later on.

Meowcenaries System Armor Sets

Here is the list of all Armor Sets that are available from the Meowcenaries System along with the required items and locations respectively.

  • Grand Chaos – Rainbowshrooms – Shrine Ruins
  • Edel X – Jewel of the Fallen Star – Frost Islands
  • Death Stench X – Sinister Gloomcloth – Sandy Plains
  • Mosgharl X – Maximumpkin – Flooded Forest
  • Jelly X – Flounce Jelly – Lava Caverns

Secret Armor Sets – New Entries

In the MH Rise, the Sunbreak expansion, two new addition of secret armor sets are added in the Meowcenaries System. These include the Five Element Set and the Snowshear Set.

Once unlocked, both the Five Element Set and the Snowshear Set are available at the Blacksmith. Read on to find out how to unlock them.

Five Element Set

To obtain the Five Element Set, send a Meowcenaries expedition to the Jungle in search of the Nohsic Snuffcap. Any of the sparkling nodes may have the Nohsic Snuffcap.

Snowshear Set

The Snowshear Set will necessitate sending a Meowcenaries expedition to the Citadel to locate the Grooved Bones. Grooved Bones can also be found in sparkling nodes.

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