Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Scorned Magnamalo Weaknesses, Weapons, Armor and Drops

There is always going to be that one boss in every game that is just going to give you a...

There is always going to be that one boss in every game that is just going to give you a hard time no matter what strategy you try and that is probably because you don’t have enough information on that boss. This guide will break down Scorned Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, including its location, weaknesses and items that can be crafted from its material drops.

Where Can I find Scorned Magnamalo in MH Rise Sunbreak

The Scorned Magnamalo imbued with hatred and covered with hellfire at all times, can be found in Shrine Ruins, Flooded Forest, Lava Caverns and The Citadel. It will attack anyone in its close proximity making it a dangerous foe.

Apart from that, you will encounter Scorned Magnamalo in the Questline ‘Back with a Vengeance’ where you are supposed to head out and hunt the beast.

Scorned Magnamalo’s Weakness

The following table sums up Scorned Magnamalo’s weaknesses in MH Rise Sunbreak and the damage the beast takes from different attack types on different body parts so that you have knowledge of what to use and where to hit.

Body Parts Cut Damage Blunt Damage Ammo Damage Fire Damage Water Damage Thunder Damage Ice Damage Dragon Damage
Head 50 55 45 0 15 10 5 0
Upperhalf 35 35 10 0 20 15 10 0
Bottomhalf 35 35 10 0 20 15 10 0
Foreleg 45 45 30 0 20 15 5 0
Hindlegs 38 38 30 0 25 20 5 0
Tail 43 30 10 0 15 10 5 0
Armblade 45 45 45 0 10 10 5 0

From the table above, we can see that Scorned Magnamalo is weak to Cut and blunt damage weapon. Magnamalo is weakest to Water elemental damage, but these values defined are nothing compared to Cut and Blunt damage. Scorned Magnamalo is completely immune to Fire and Dragon damage.

Scorned Magnamalo Ailment Effectiveness

Below is the list of different ailments that you can inflict on Scorned Magnamalo in MH Rise Sunbreak.

  • Poison: 1 Star
  • Stun: 2 Star
  • Paralysis: 1 Star
  • Sleep: 1 Star
  • Blast: Immune
  • Exhaust: 1 Star
  • Fireblight: 1 Star
  • Waterblight: 1 Star
  • Thunderblight: 2 Star
  • Iceblight: 1 Star

Scorned Magnamalo Attack Patterns

Scorned Magnamalo has multiple moves in MH Rise Sunbreak which makes it a formidable target.

Chopping Tailblade – hammers its long tail down at a target, penetrating the ground and staggering for a short duration.

Exploding Tail – Whips its tail to the front while charging energy, making it explode

Ground Stab – Stabs a target behind it downwards

Scorned Canon – Moves its tail in a circular motion, gathering energy and fires a ray several times

Ruthless Canon – Waves its tail in a circular motion gaining red glared energy, and shoots with a high rate of fire to its target.

Frenzy – Starts roaring, gathering energy gaining a pink glare, then charges against many targets all around the arena.

Sliding Charge – Lifts an arm, gathers strength, and just jumps forward hammering down its arm in a single movement slide.

Spinning Slash – Aggressively spins, slashing its foes within range.

Explosive Swipe – Charges its tail, and then quickly spins, leaving 3 explosive orbs in front of itself.

Mane Blast – When Magnamalo is enraged, it blasts defensively blasting and knocking away every one close to it.

Sismic Blast – Roars gathering elemental energy with an arm, and touches the ground, executing a big explosion around.

How to Defeat Scorned Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Avoid its Enraged mode

Whenever Scorned Magnamalo becomes enraged, you can see its blades becoming bright and its cortex spiky. It increases its elemental attacks when enraged specially with its tailblade.

Bait other monsters

Magnamalo will attack anyone in its radius. You can use that to your advantage by distracting the beast with other monsters

Avoid the Tail

Always keep Magnamalo tail in check. Its tail can be quite unpredictable which deals a lot of damage.

Attack, Dodge, Repeat

The best way to take down this is by following a simple stratagem. Attack, Dodge, Repeat. This strategy will help you take down this boss.

Though it makes take a reasonable amount of time you might want to take your time with your attacks because this is not an easy boss and taking your time and waiting for that opening and then launching an attack will help you take this boss down in one try.

Scorned Magnamalo Item Drops

Here is the list of Item Dropped by Magnamalon along with their percentages and means of acquisition.

Material Target Rewards Capture Rewards Break Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
Begrudged Rancorscale 18% 20%(Armblade) 34%(Body) 20%(Tail) 20%, 40%
Horn of Malice 26% 95%(Head)
Large Wyvern Tear 50%
Magna Armored Cortex 28% 37% 22%(Body) 30%
Magna Barrierprism 16% 10%[x2] (Back) 26%(Body) 30%, 20%[x2]
Magna Glare Eye 3% 3% 5%(Head) 2%(body)
Magnamalo Tail + 6% 14% 80%(Tail)
Moaning Bladesheill 8% 20% 90%(Body) 10%
Surging Armblade 21% 80%(Armblade) 16%(body)
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