How to Defeat Rakna-Kadaki in Monster Hunter Rise

If you’re having trouble taking down Rakna-Kadaki and are looking for some help, then we’ve got you covered with this guide, where we’ll be showing you how you can easily defeat Rakna-Kadaki in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Defeat Rakna-Kadaki in Monster Hunter Rise

Rakna-Kadaki is a fifth-generation Temnoceran bristling whose strength lies in its webbing. It uses this webbing to trap you and attack you with its other web-based attacks.

Battle Strategy

Even though Rakna-Kadaki is a gigantic spider covered in webs, it’s actually quite feisty. It has several attacks where it will quickly charge towards you, so you have to stay alert throughout this battle.

It’ll do this by shooting a web at the area near you and pulling itself towards you. So, when you see it shooting the webbing at the ground, get ready to be charged at.

One of Rakna-Kadaki’s most notable is its slam attack. It’ll move its backside up in the air and then slam it down quickly, dealing a lot of damage. You’ll have to remember the animations that happen before the attacks to be able to dodge them.

Its other attacks include a web attack where it shoots three balls of silk towards you, a clap attack where it stands on its hind legs and tries to pinch you between its arms, and several other web-based attacks. It can even perform fire attacks since it’s a fire-based creature.

When you see Rakna-Kadaki for the first time in the underground area, sneak up behind it and slam it in the head to get some free damage in.

Keep fighting it yourself until you get familiar with its moveset. Then, you can call your Wyvern and start dealing some real damage to it. Try to perform a Monster Punisher attack using your Wyvern before the timer runs out; this will help you out a lot in the long run.

Once your Wyvern goes away, go back to fighting it yourself.

You have to keep moving throughout this fight to not get caught up in its webbing. If you stand under it for too long, it’ll web you up and you’ll be in trouble. Most of Kadaki’s webbing attacks can easily be dodge if you’re constantly moving around the arena.

The most dangerous attacks of Kadaki are its fire attacks. Whenever you see it charging up its fire, run away from it quickly and wait for it to finish with the attack to continue fighting. It’s not worth it to try and dodge these attacks from up close.

When you deal a certain amount of damage to Rakna-Kakadi and break its parts, it’ll retreat from the area and start running away from you. Follow it wherever it goes and keep fighting it.

It’ll keep performing the same moves in each of the areas that you fight it in, so don’t worry about it making any new moves. Just keep fighting it with the same playstyle.

How much fight Rakna-Kadaki has left will be indicated by how much webbing it’s still on its body. The less webbing it has on it, the closer it is to going down.

Rakna-Kadaki has a lot of health, so expect this fight to go on for a while. You’ll have to be patient if you want to defeat it.