Monster Hunter Rise Purecrystal Locations And Farming Tips

Purecrystals are one of the new items that players will be able to find in the new Monster Hunter Rise:...

Purecrystals are one of the new items that players will be able to find in the new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion but they are rare.

Even though Purecrystals show an early appearance in the campaign, but they are used for crafting in the late game with about a dozen recipes utilizing them.

Most of these crafted items have decent states, this makes Purecrystals an essential item for late game. Purecrystals are rare but with our recommended farming route you can get an adequate amount of Purecrystals.

Best Purecrystal Farming Route In Monster Hunter Rise

To farm Purecrystals, we need access to Flooded Forest which can be explored after unlocking MR3 quests. Purecrystals are found in all the mining outcrops (blue and silver) in Flooded Forest.

It is better to farm them for mining outcrops rather than doing regular monster quests as there is no timer. Before heading out for mining do not forget to equip the “Geologist” skill to get an extra slot then enable the mining outcrop location on your map.

We will follow the show route to the farm for Purecrystal:

We will start from mining outcrop 1 while close to the main camp. From there we will move along the recommended route mining Purecrystals from all the mining outcrops that fall in our path.

We will ignore mining outcrops 2, 3, and 5 because they are far, and traveling to them without fast travel will take a lot of time.

There is not a noticeable difference in the spawn rate of Purecrystals between Silver and Blue mining outcrops but still, it is rare in both so our chances of finding a Purecrystal in every mining outcrop are slim.

Farming Tips For Purecrystal

Purecrystal is a rare item but following these tips will make your farming much more efficient:

  • Before mining, equip a Geologist Decoration with level 3. This will increase the number of times you can mine Purecrystals.
  • Take a Palico of Gathering types in your team to increase mining effectiveness.
  • Following the recommended route for farming and ignoring other mining outcrops on the maps. This is done to keep our farming as efficient as possible as the other mining outcrops are
  • hard to reach.
  • Keep mixing until there are no more items left in the mining outcrop.
  • Make sure to take all the Purecrystals with you.
  • Once you complete the route, wait for the outcrops to respawn then repeat! (It takes about 5 minutes for the outcrops to respawn).
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