Monster Hunter Rise Prized Pelt Locations and Farming Tips

In this guide we’ll discuss which creatures drop Prized Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and the spawn locations of these creatures.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has come with the addition of several new crafting resources. Prized Pelt is a new crafting material added in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC which can be used to create protective armor and equipment.

The following guide will help you find Prized Pelts. We’ll discuss which creatures drop Prized Pelts, the spawn locations of these creatures, and the uses of Prized Pelts.

Monster Hunter Rise Prized Pelt Locations

Prized Pelts are not too challenging to obtain. They can be carved off two creatures Anteka and Kelbi. Since Prized Pelts are a new addition through the Sunbreak DLC, they can only be harved on Master Rank Quests or Master Rank Expedition.

Kelbi has a higher 30% chance of dropping the Prized Pelt compared to 18% of Anteka. Therefore it is recommended to hunt Kelbi while farming for Prized Pelts in MH Rise. It is also important to note that Kelbis are scared off by Large Monsters in the vicinity so you will need to wait a bit before Kelbis appear in that area.

Kelbi can spawn in almost every area, even the new Jungle locale added in the Sunbreak DLC. They have a higher spawn rate in Shrine Ruins and can be found in areas 11 and 13 as well as the grassy ruins connecting areas 8 and 10.

The map below shows all the locations where you can easily find Kelbis and farm Prized Pelts in Shrine Ruins region of MH Rise Sunbreak.

MH Rise Prized Pelts

MH Rise Prized Pelt Uses

Prized Pelt can be used to make multiple armor items including the Volvidon Mail X and the Khezu Coil X. There are plenty of recipes having Prized Pelt as an ingredient making it a worthwhile resource to farm. Here is a list of some recipes which require Prized Pelt as a resource in MH Rise Sunbreak:

Khezu Coil X

  • Pearl Glosshide x3
  • Mystic Hardfang x2
  • Prized Pelt x1
  • Carbalite Ore x2

Volvidon Mail X

  • Prized Pelt ×1
  • Eltalite Ore ×2
  • Volvidon Cortex ×3
  • Volvidon Talon ×2

Great Anteka Blade

  • Prized Pelt x3
  • Large Herbivore Bone x3
  • Anteka Proud Antler x2

Tobi Kadachi X

  • Prized Pelt x1
  • Tobi-Kadachi Shard x3
  • Tobi-Kadachi Thickfur x2
  • Tobi-Kadachi Cathode x1

Slagtoth Cloak X

  • Caked Stiffbone x1
  • Slagtoth Hide+ x3
  • Large Herbivore Bone x2
  • Prized Pelt x1

Slagtoth Hood X

  • Caked Stiffbone x1
  • Slagtoth Hide+ x2
  • Large Herbivore Bone x3
  • Prized Pelt x1

Bone Vambraces X

Droth Mail X

  • Prized Pelt x1
  • Hydro Piel x3
  • Tough-Claw x2

Izuchi Coil X

  • Great Izuchi Thickfur x3
  • Great Izuchi Thickfur x1
  • Prized Pelt x1

Leather Headgear X

  • Prized Pelt x1
  • Sapphiron Ore x1

Leather Gloves X

  • Prized Pelt x2
  • Carbalite x3

Hunter Greaves X

  • Prized Pelt x1
  • Twisted Stiffbone x2

Hunter Helm X

  • Prized Pelt x1
  • Eltalite Ore x2
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