Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Mushroom Location and Farming Tips

In this Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak guide, we'll walk you through all locations of Prized Mushroom and how you can farm them.

When playing Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, players will come across many different types of resources and their own unique ways to farm them. Like many, Prized Mushroom is one of the most demanding and highly valuable resources players might struggle to acquire. But worry no more! In this Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak guide, we’ll walk you through all locations of Prized Mushroom and how you can farm them. Let’s begin!

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Mushroom Location

Prized Mushrooms in MH Rise are described as one of the finest mushrooms players can obtain and use for various crafting purposes in the game. Having Prized Mushrooms in your inventory at all times can be very beneficial, especially when you least expect them to come in handy. You can collect these and head back to the Elgado Outpost for various different projects.

One of the major locations where the Prized Mushrooms have so far been discovered in MH Rise is in the Jungle. Players can only unlock and access this location when they get their hands on the Sunbreak expansion of the MHR.

This will be one of the first few locations you will be starting in when you play the game; however, you can’t reach the Prized Mushrooms until you deal with various troubles and obstacles in your way, most of which belong to Master Rank quests.

Dealing with bosses and enemies of Master Rank quests entail easily acquiring the Prized Mushrooms. You can defeat these challenging masters with your combat skills and easily yield this resource.

How to Farm Prized Mushrooms

Apart from Master Rank quests, players can also explore the Jungle Area and Shrine Ruins. Go to different spots and start exploring for the good stuff. One of the locations that we’ve found carrying Prized Mushroom is the Mushroom Colony deposits.

Most of these Mushroom Colony deposits in MH Rise Sunbreak will be located towards the upper part of the Jungle that one can reach by using the Wire Bug. Specifically, you will find them in the Sector 10, between Sectors 2 and 9, and around the areas of Sector 8, 4, and 11.

Whereas in Shrine Ruins, Mushroom Colony Deposits are found in Sector 3, Sector 4, Sector 6, Sector 5, Sector 7, and Sector 8.

Once you find the Prized Mushrooms in MH Rise, interact with them, and you’ll be able to acquire them. Moreover, upon collecting Prized Mushrooms from one location, players can head back to the same location after some time as they will be respawning, and players can collect them again.

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