Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prairie Cricket Location and Farming tips

A quick guide to help you figure out how to get the prairie cricket unique item in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Prairie Cricket has been introduced as a unique item in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. The shape of this item resembles a banquet of flowers and is very useful for a player. This guide provides information about the location and uses of Prairie Cricket in MHR Sunbreak.

Prairie Cricket Location

Prairie Cricket is a bonus item in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak located in the Mushyroom Market of Argosy missions. This exquisite item can be obtained in Argosy missions starting from Master Rank 3.

The player needs to send a buddy to Mushroom Market and begin the quests to get the item. Prairie is a bonus item; therefore, it is obtained along with another item. To get more Prairie Cricket, simply send more buddies to the market.

To increase the chances of getting this item use Shiny Bargain and Blinding Bargains. Prairie cricket is often located near flowers with a chirping sound.

Prairie Cricket Uses

This item is used primarily as a forging material to craft armors and other items. Prairie Crickets have a good worth and can be sold for 2600 Zenny.

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