How to Unlock the Palamute Silkbinder in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The following guide will help you unlock Palamute Silkbinder in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and discuss how to farm Gajau Whiskers.

Progressing through the campaign quests of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will eventually reward you with Palamute Silkbinder. You’ll be rewarded with new weapons, armor, and Dango types upon completing these tasks.

The following guide will help you unlock Palamute Silkbinder in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Unlocking Palamute Silkbinder in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

When in the Master Rank 2 progression Gatlin the Researcher, an NPC, would request you to complete a certain task. Accepting will start the Palamute Gear Power Up sidequest.

Your objective for this quest is to bring 2 Steel Gajau Whiskers for her. Upon completing this quest, you will be rewarded with the Palamute Silkbinder.

Finding Steel Gaujau Whiskers

These whiskers can be obtained from the Gajau Fish in the Master Rank Locations. The Gajau Fish can be found in the following locations

  1. Flooded Forest
  2. Lava Caverns
  3. Frost Islands
  4. Shrine Ruins

It is important to note that the spawn rate of Gajau Fish is particularly low in the following locations, given the addition of plenty of newer small monsters who have divided the spawn slots.

The most suitable spots for Gajau farming were determined to be Zones 5 and 8 in the Frost Islands. You can find 4 Gajau that spawn every 5 minutes or so. Steel Gajau Whiskers have only a 20% drop chance when carving Gajau and what’s worse is that they can only be carved once.

Considering the low spawn and drop rates, the best option for farming Gajau Whiskers is to begin a Frost Island Hunt and then repeatedly return to zone 8 and 5.

Bringing a Gathering Palico with you is also a good option as it gives extra rewards upon completion of the quest, so there is a chance you may even receive Steel Gajau Whiskers.

Once you have them, take them back to the Gajau Steel Whiskers to Gatlyn, the Researcher, to complete the quest and receive Palamute Silkbinder as a reward.

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