Monster Hunter Rise Overgrown Stiffbone Location And Farming Tips

Overgrown Stiffbones are yet another new addition to Monster Hunter Rise with the Sunbreak expansion. They are a new crafting material that can be looted from the new map to be used in armor and equipment.

The following guide will show you where to farm Overgrown Stiffbones in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

How To Get Overgrown Stiffbone In MH Rise: Sunbreak

You can only find Overgrown Stiffbones from the Jungle which is a new area added with the Sunbreak expansion. There are several Bonepiles scattered across the Jungle which you can loot to get Overgrown Stiffbones.

Take note that there is a probability attached to Overgrown Stiffbones. You will not get Overgrown Stiffbones every time you loot a Bonepile. In addition, the chance of looting Overgrown Stiffbones from Bonepiles is pretty low. Since it is the only source, you will have no choice but to keep running all over the Jungle to loot as many Bonepiles as possible.

The Jungle has four Bonepiles on the upper level and just two Bonepiles on the lower level. You can set up a farming route by running through all available Bonepiles in one go. Remember to have the right consumables to boost your stamina since you will be needing them to run all over the Jungle.

Overgrown Stiffbone Uses

You can use Overgrown Stiffbones to craft armor and buddy equipment such as Astalos Vambraces, Gore Braces, Espinas Brain, Barbanias Boots, Hermitaur Helm, and Hornetaur Tassets.

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