Best Monster Hunter Rise Mods

Monster Hunter Rise is already an excellent game but there is no harm in making it even better. The modding community on PC has come together to create numerous mods and scripts that not only increase the visual fidelity of the game but also add some much-needed features.

The following are some of the best Monster Hunter Rise mods currently available for the PC version.

Embers Cinematic Reshade Mod

This is probably one of the most popular mods right now. It desaturates the colors of the game to deliver not only a visually appealing picture but also increased sharpness to make your armor and weapon textures pop.

If you are looking to make your game look gorgeous, you need to have the Embers Cinematic Reshade mod.

Monster Has HP Bar Mod

The fact that enemies and monsters are without an HP bar in the game might be distressing to some players. You might want to know how much damage you are dealing to them during an encounter to know how well you are faring. The Monster Has HP Bar mod addresses that concern by giving enemies and monsters an HP bar.

DeviceStutterFix Mod

Despite the many updates and patches from Capcom since the game was released, players are still facing stuttering on PC, mainly due to their plugged devices such as controllers. Monster Hunter Rise likes to treat all plugged devices as gamepads and hence, bombards them with requests for poll inputs. That naturally causes the game to stutter at random intervals.

The DeviceStutterFix mod fixes those stutters so that the game runs smoothly at all times.

4K HUD Mod

This mod replaces all of the assets in your user interface with custom-made upscaled assets. The higher-resolution assets really give the game a new life.

You will, however, need to first install Fluffy Manager 5000 to install and load the 4K HUD mod.

Monster Weakness Icon Indicator Mod

Every monster in the game has a weakness to at least one element. You can either search online for element ailments of each monster or simply install this mod to have an icon over their heads to indicate the element you can exploit to deal the maximum damage possible.

The Monster Weakness Icon Indicator mod is definitely something you should consider having.

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