Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Meldspar Ore Location and Farming Tips

Like a lot of the other crafting materials added in the Sunbreak update, Meldspar is a useful material used for forging a lot of items. This guide will provide you with the locations to find and farm Meldspar Ore in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Meldspar Ore Location

Meldspar Ore has been introduced in Sunbreak update and is the forging material for various armors and equipments such as Ingot Vambraces, Ingot Helm X, jelly Boots, Mosgharl Roots X and Ceanataur Braces etc.

Meldspar Ore deposits are found easily around Master Rank Mining Outcrops. The best points for gathering Meldspar Ore are in the Flooded Forest, Lava Caverns and the Citadel.

You can get Meldspar Ore from various monsters that you hunt as well, but this is rare and not really an ideal way to farm meldspar ore in MH Rise, so you don’t really want to use it as the main source for all your Meldspar Ore.

How to Farm Meldspar Ore

The best place to farm Meldspar ore in MH Rise Sunbreak is at the Lava Caverns. The mining outcrop in the northeast area of Lava Caverns is perfect for mining a high quantity of Meldspar Ore. To get to this place, you need to find a small cave in the northeastern area. Crawl under this cave to the other side.

Once you get out of this cave, you need to look up to find another open in the wall. You can get to this opening by using the Wirebugs and wall running to the opening. Once you cross the opening, you can find two mining deposits that you can access with Wirebug.

This entire path has multiple nodes that you can farm and is a rich source of Meldspar Ore.

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