Where to Get Melding Pudding in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

There are a lot of new items introduced in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. All of these new materials can be very helpful in crafting other items as well. Melding Pudding is a new material in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak that can be used as a substitute for Defender Tickets.

Finding Melding Pudding can be a difficult task for anyone. This MH Rise Sunbreak guide has all the details related to Melding Pudding, including its uses.

How to Get Melding Pudding in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

There are a couple of ways to get Melding Pudding in MH Rise Sunbreak. Backroom Deals are the first place to find Melding Pudding. During Master Rank story missions of the Sunbreak expansion, an NPC named Nagi gives you these items.

When Nagi tells you about the Backroom Deals, pay attention to the dialogue option that appears for characters over time. In the Trade Requests tab of the Argosy menu, you can access Backroom Deals at any time. It’s the easiest way to get Melding Pudding over time if you assign a buddy to get the materials.

In addition, you can add a Letter of Introduction toggle to your submarines to get some Melding Pudding. After returning from a mission, you can get Melding Pudding.

You can also obtain this material through the Locked Treasure Chest method, or by using an MP Accelerant, but this does not guarantee it. While it is not a guaranteed method of obtaining Melding Pudding, it is still an effective means of obtaining the extra Melding Pudding needed for crafting and upgrading your equipment.

Uses of Melding Pudding

Melding Pudding in MH Rise Sunbreak can be used to Meld pot material. It can also be used to craft Talismans. The worth of each Melding pudding is 200 points. Melding Pudding is used to upgrade your equipment as well.

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