How To Level Up Master Rank In Monster Hunter Rise

Master Rank became part of Monster Hunter Rise after the Sunbreak update. This makes the game even more interesting and also tougher. You’ll be troubled by the level of hardness of Master Rank in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak as compared to High Rank in MHR.

The enemies and monsters are also more dangerous in MHR: Sunbreak and will attack with patterns that you would never have seen. This guide is a detailed walkthrough of how you can level up your Master Rank in Monster Hunter Rise.

How To Level Up Master Rank In Monster Hunter Rise

The Master Rank gets unlocked right away after the completion of the first quest of Sunbreak. The MR 1 is unlocked after the completion of “Uninvited Guest-Hunt a Daimyo Hermataur”. The mission is a pretty easy one as you’ll be equipped with the best of High Rank’s equipment.

After completion of the quest, you are taken to Elgado Outpost where you meet the leader of the outpost “Admiral Galleus”. After the cutscene, you’ll be at MR 1.

After unlocking the Master Rank, there comes the need to level it up. Understanding how to increase the MR is also not complicated. It works the same way as High Rank. You need to complete MR missions found via an online quest hub.

Players also have the liberty of doing them offline but having a friend by your side definitely makes things simpler. With the completion of MR missions, a lot of solo missions are also unlocked in MHR: Sunbreak. They can be for fun as completing them doesn’t affect your MR.

Leveling up the MR can be summarized as completing the MR mission until an urgent quest is unlocked which is often a hunt for a monster at some location. This is all that you should know to level up your MR in Sunbreak.

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