Monster Hunter Rise Large Herbivore Bone Locations And Farming Tips

Large Herbivore Bones are one of the new crafting materials that have been introduced in Monster Hunter Rise with the Sunbreak expansion. They are mainly used to craft some of the endgame armor and equipment as well as decoration.

The following guide will help you find the locations from where to farm Large Herbivore Bones in Monster Hunter Rise.

Large Herbivore Bone Locations

You have to find and hunt Slagtoth and Rhenoplos for Large Herbivore Bones.

The two territorial herbivores can be encountered in the Lava Caverns. Slagtoth can however be commonly found in the Flooded Forest, near the coastal areas. Rhenoplos on the other hand are more prevalent in the Sandy Plains.

Take note that Slagtoth and Rhenoplos Outbreaks will cause them to spawn more than normal in their respective territories. When you detect an Outbreak in the game, it is the best time to start hunting the creatures for some much-needed crafting materials.

It is important to note that you need to hunt Slagtoth and Rhenoplos for Large Herbivore Bones after reaching Master Rank. Hunting them before will not yield Large Herbivore Bones.

Also, note that both Slagtoth and Rhenoplos have a 20% chance to drop Large Herbivore Bones upon death.

Large Herbivore Bone Uses

Large Herbivore Bones are used to crafting many endgame armor and equipment. That includes the Slagtoth Cloak and Hood for the Slagtoth Armor Set, and the Rhenoplos Greaves, Braces, Mail, and Helm for the Rhenoplos Armor Set.

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