How To Get Large Armored Bream In Monster Hunter Rise

Large Armored bream is a fully grown Armored Bream that has very strong and thick scales. This crafting material made its debut in Monster Hunter Rise with the Sunbreak expansion.

How To Get Large Armored Bream In Monster Hunter Rise

Large Armored Bream is very difficult to obtain and players often get tempted to obtain this rare fish by fishing in ponds but that’s really not the case.

The method of acquiring the Large Armored Beam is slightly less reliable. This item can only be obtained as a bonus item while looking for items using the Argosy and it totally depends on your luck that you get this rare fish along with the original item you requested for.

The Argosy menu can only be accessed once you have unlocked the Master Rank (MR2). Then, from your room in Elgado, access the Argosy menu and look on the final page of the items that you can obtain. You can see that you have a very likely chance of getting this item along with any of the items you are hunting.

Now what you need is to simply assign your buddies to go to the Icebarb Bazar and make trade deals. Continue with your quests and wait patiently. Eventually, you’ll acquire the Large Armored Bream. This is the one and only way to obtain this elusive item and it totally depends on your luck and how much time it takes for you to acquire it.

Although there is no other way of obtaining it, you can surely speed up the process and acquire this item as quickly as possible by implementing several methods.

One of the methods is to unlock more submarines and set all three Argosy submarines to target items which include the Large Armored Beam as a potential bonus item.

You should get as many buddies as possible as it will enable you to send a greater number of buddies to missions at the same time and will greatly increase your chances of acquiring the said item.

You can also use the Buddy Bargain skills such as the Blinding Bargain and Shiny Bargain to further increase your chances of obtaining it. Once you are able to get the Large Armored Beam, you will be able to use it, along with the other items, to create the Vaik X Armor Set which provides the players with increased bonuses, Ammo Up, and Resistance against Hunger. This armor will help you a lot in taking on the new and old monsters found throughout the DLC.

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