How to Defeat The Great Wroggi in Monster Hunter Rise

In this guide, we will tell you how to defeat The Great Wroggi in Monster Hunter Rise when you encounter the beast and its pack in the newly released MH Rise on Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter Rise Great Wroggi

The Great Wroggi is a Large Bird Wyvern that travels in packs along with the regular Wroggis. The Great Wroggi and the small Wroggis attack the hunter and can be dangerous if you don’t take the pack seriously.

You will find the Great Wroggi along with the small Wroggi’s in the Flooded Forest.

How to defeat Great Wroggi

The Great Wroggi’s weak point is his head; you should focus on attacking there while leaving the smaller Wroggis for your pets. While attacking it, make sure to watch out for its deadly attacks.

Poison Attack
The Great Wroggi use a poison attack on the hunters, which is purple color toxic mist. The mist only remains for a couple of seconds so stay away from it. Avoid the poisonous mist and attack him as much as you can.

Use an Antidote
You would want to take some antidotes with you to this fight in case the poison hits you. It really takes down your health very quickly. Let your pets distract the wroggi when you want to take the antidote. After you are cured, continue your assault.

Ride your Palamute
At a certain point, the Great Wroggi might want to escape; this is when you can ride your Palamute and follow him. You can collect different items along the way.

Finishing off the Great Wroggi
By this time, the Great Wroggi will be near its end. Attack it continuously along with your pets and finish him.

After that, you can collect different body parts from the Great Wroggi like Wroggi Brace. You can now return to the village after defeating the Great Wroggi.

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