Monster Hunter Rise Goldlite Ore Location And Farming Tips

Goldlite Ore is a new resource that you will need to mine in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to be able...

Goldlite Ore is a new resource that you will need to mine in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to be able to craft some of the endgame armor sets, or at least equipment good enough for you to surive a portion of the endgame.

Goldlite Ore can also net a sweet profit by selling for 1,260 Gold if you manage to have them in excess.

The following guide will show you how and where to farm Goldlite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

How To Get Goldlite Ore In MH Rise: Sunbreak

Goldlite Ore can only be mined from outcrops that are scattered across the Sandy Plains. There are eight mining outcrops on the upper level and four on the lower level of the Sandy Plains.

You can plan a route that reduces your amount of traveling but the fact is that you will still be running all over the Sandy Plains and hence, will require a good enough stamina bar. Note as well that you need to have hit Master Rank before going after the mining outcrops of Sandy Plains or else you will not be able to mine any Goldlite Ore.

To harvest the ore, travel to Zone 2, in the southwest’s outer gray area, and along a small ledge that leads into Zone 2 to the east. Then, to collect the ore, travel to Zone 6 and northeast of Zone 3, close to the zone’s southern layered ridge. To collect the other ore, proceed in the opposite direction to the second Mining Outcrop, close to the southern ridge’s opposing point.

Gather the ore from Zone 5 in the underground cave region to the right of the ravine road, then ride on a tall, thin rock structure to the center of the cavern and collect the ore. From there, proceed to Zone 12 and get the ore, which is located atop the second rocky shelf on the ruin’s western side.

To acquire the remaining ore, make your last move to the zone 10 entry coming from Zone 7 on the right.

Goldlite Ore Uses

You need Goldlite Ore to craft armor and buddy equipment such as the Squire Greaves and Braces for the Squire Armor Set and the Basarios Coil X and Helm X for the Basarios Armor Set.

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