Monster Hunter Rise Firecell Stone Farming Guide

 Similar to other titles in the Monster Hunter series, you need different raw materials to craft your own items to use in hunts; one of these is Firecell stones. This guide will help you in farming Firecell Stones in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Firecell Stone Farming

Firecell Stone is used as a forging material in Monster Hunter Rise. It can be used by hunters to craft different armor sets as well as weapons. These are used to buff your weapons at higher levels and get the best armors to protect you.

These are very rare and hard to find in the world. These are only found in Lava Caverns. To farm the firecell stone, you must embark on a High-Rank Expedition to maximize your chances of finding these. You will be free to explore the entire map.

The best locations to look for Firecell Stone are the various Mining Outcrops. Multiple Mining Outcrops can be found on both levels of Lava Caverns that can be used to farm for Firecell Stone. Keep on rotating between each location to see if you can find Firecell Stone there or not.


Using Firecell Stone, the following are weapons you can craft for yourself at the Blacksmith.

Kamura Ninja Cleaver Kamura Ninja Blades
Die Walkure Kamura Ninja C. Blade
Hiten Blade Kamakura Ninja Glaive
Kamura Ninja L. Bowgun Brush Glaive I
Uroktor Vortex Lumier Bowgun II
Flammenkanone II Wind Thief L. Bowgun II
Tigrex Tank I Grenade Revolver
Flammenkanone II Kamura Ninja H. Bowgun
Kamura Ninja Bow Meteor Cannon
Yekla Arc II Weaver of Flame II
Prominence Bow I

Firecell Stone Armor

If you’d like to use your stones for armor instead, the following armors can be crafted by Firecell Stone at the Blacksmith

  • Chrome Metal Coil
  • Chrome Metal Boots

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