Monster Hunter Rise Firecell Stone Farming Guide

Similar to other titles in the Monster Hunter series, you need different raw materials to craft your own items to use in hunts; one of these is Firecell stones. This guide will help you in farming Firecell Stones in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Firecell Stone Farming

Firecell Stone is used as a forging material in Monster Hunter Rise. It can be used by hunters to craft different armor sets as well as weapons. These are used to buff your weapons at higher levels and get the best armors to protect you.

How to Get Firecell Stone

You won’t be able to collect Firecell stones as soon as you start High Rank tasks. The reason for this is that you have to unlock the appropriate map. In Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll find all of the Firecell Stones in Lava Caverns, but the map won’t unlock until you’ve completed more difficult High Rank objectives.

These are very rare and hard to find in the world. These are only found in Lava Caverns. To farm the firecell stone, you must embark on a High-Rank Expedition to maximize your chances of finding these. You will be free to explore the entire map.

Firecell Stone Locations

The best locations to look for Firecell Stone are the various Mining Outcrops. Multiple Mining Outcrops can be found on both levels of Lava Caverns that can be used to farm for Firecell Stone. Keep on rotating between each location to see if you can find Firecell Stone there or not.

How to Farm Firecell Stone

It’s an ideal opportunity to begin cultivating a few stones when you’ve opened the applicable biome. They might be found in both blue and white from each Mining Outcrop in Lava Caverns. With the most continuous materials, blue has a lower likelihood of giving you a Firecell Stone, while white has a higher opportunity. Blue mineral stores, then again, are undeniably more normal on the guide, making them an important source regardless, as you can essentially cycle the globe and they will return following a couple of moments.

You might expand your Firecell Stone benefits in two ways. To start, you’ll require the Geologist ability level 3 on your personality. You’ll procure more things each time you mine this way. Second, ensure your guide is modern assuming that you’re going on a cultivating undertaking.

There might be a Mining Outcrops Upsurge, and that intends that during the initial 10 minutes subsequent to beginning the mission, each time you mine a store, you will get a lot bigger number of minerals overall. In the event that both of these necessities are fulfilled, you’ll be swimming in Firecell Stones and different assets like Carbonite Ore in the blink of an eye.

Uses of Firecell Stones

Firecell stones serves huge purposes which are enlisted here with the number of stones required for it.

Weapon Crafting

Using Firecell Stone, the following are weapons you can craft for yourself at the Blacksmith along with the number of stones required.

Weapon Required Firecell Stones
Fall Drache 3x
Weaver of Flame II 3x
Admiral Arbalance 3x
Armored Gogue 2x
Axelion Blade II 2x
Burly Beak 4x
Conquress 2x
Cyclone 5x
Datura Lurr 2x
Dragonmaiden Axe II 3x
Highest of Glaives 2x
Iron Devil’s Soul 3x
Kamura Ninja Blade 2x
Kamura Ninja Bow 2x
Kamura Ninja Cleaver 2x
Kamura Ninja Gunlance 2x
Kamura Ninja Hammer 2x
Kamura Ninja L. Bowgun 2x
Kamura Ninja Sword 2x
Prominence Bow I 4x
Rain of Gore 5x
Smithy’s Pride 3x
Uroktor Vortex 2x
Flammenkanone II 2x
Lumier Bowgun II 3x
Die Walküre 3x
Hand-Me-Down Sword II 4x
Atlas Hammer 3x
Babel Spear II 3x
Cat’s Curse 5x
Cornpopper II 2x
Czar Switch Axe 2x
Daybreak Daggers 4x
Grenade Revolver 3x
Hiten Blade 3x
Kamura Ninja Axe 2x
Kamura Ninja Blades 2x
Kamura Ninja C. Blade 2x
Kamura Ninja Glaive 2x
Kamura Ninja H. Bowgun 2x
Kamura Ninja Horn 10x
Kamura Ninja Spear 2x
Meteor Cannon 3x
Pukei Gunlance II 2x
Roaring Wyvern 4x
Titan’s Vise 2x
Yekla Arc II 3x

Armor Crafting

If you’d like to use your stones for armor instead, the following armors can be crafted by Firecell Stone at the Blacksmith.

Armor Required Firecell Stones
Chrome Metal Coil 1x
Death Strench Brain S 1x
Utsushi Tassets (V) S / Medium’s Obi S 1x
Rembora Feet S 1x
Utsushi Chest (V) S / Medium’s Robe S 1x
Utsushi Chest (H) S / Channeler Robe S 1x
Chrome Metal Boots 1x
Rembora Gloves S 1x
Rathalos Helm S 2x
Tigerx Mail S 2x
Anjanath Vambraces S 1x
Utsushi Tassets (H) S / Channeler Obi S 1x

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