Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Exquisite Sprout Location and Farming Tips

This handy guide will help you figure out all the Exquisite Sprout Farming Locations in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Exquisite Sprouts are unique items in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak that are extremely beneficial for the player. They have a very high value in Zenny and Kamura points; therefore, players must work hard to find them.

This guide is perfect as it provides essential information about the locations of exquisite sprouts and also touches on some cool farming tips.

Exquisite Sprout Locations

Exquisite Sprout is a unique item that is exclusive to the Sunbreak DLC in Monster Hunter Rise. You can find them exclusively in the Shrine Ruins region. Some of them are close to your main camp while others are hidden around cliffs and shoot patches.

We’ve made a detailed farming route below to help you collect all of them without running into any problems. So, just follow the farming route and you should be able to collect all 5 exquisite sprouts.

Exquisite Sprout Farming

The Exquisite Sprout can be collected from Shoot Patch and gathering points in the Shrine Ruins in master rank.

The first Exquisite Sprout is located near the main camp. Simply climb the cliff behind the tent and walk left to get the sprout.

Another one can be found by moving down from the main camp and walking straight until a cliff is reached. Wirebug to the second level of the cliff to get your prize. The cliff contains more exquisite sprouts as well. Climb another cliff level and turn right to find sleeping Jagras or the Snowbeetle. The sprout is near the rock behind them.

Drop down the cliff and climb to the top of the long ivy patch to get the fourth Exquisite Sprout. Felynes and Melynxes base can be found there. After crossing their base, turn right and drop down a small ledge. Carefully reach the edge of the cliff to get the item.

The fifth exquisite sprout is located down the same cliff. After dropping down from the cliff, you will find yourselves a wall. Jump over the wall and climb the cliff that will come. Escuregot must be there, then turn left to find the shoot patch

Follow the map below to see the exact farming locations of these exquisite sprouts in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

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