Monster Hunter Rise Endemic Life Guide

Monster Hunter Rise introduces players to a wide variety of new Endemic Life that can provide them with interesting new buffs to help them on their quest. In this Monster Hunter Rise: Endemic Life List, we’ll be discussing the benefits of the new buffs in the new content.

Monster Hunter Rise Endemic Life List

You’ll find a number of new additions to the different categories of Endemic Life with the new content.


Type Effect Habitat
Red Spiribird Provides the user with an attack boost
Orange Spiribird Provides the user with a defense boost Shrine Ruins
Green Spiribird Provides the user with a health boost Shrine Ruins
Yellow Spiribird Provides the user with a stamina boost Shrine Ruins

Hunting Helpers

Type Effect Habitat
Poisontoad Poisons enemies Shrine Ruins
Blastoad Releases explosive gas which can result in an explosion Shrine Ruins
Firebeetle Chucks a lava rock on targets and puts a fireblight on them Shrine Ruins
Mudbeetle Throw a mud ball on the target and inflict them with waterblight Shrine Ruins
Thunderbeetle Inflicts the target with a thunderblight when hit with a dirt ball Shrine Ruins
Snowbeetle Chucks a snowball at the target to inflict it with iceblight Shrine Ruins
Stinkmink Release a cloud that lures enemies nearby Shrine Ruins
Escuregot Release a mist which will provide healing to your character Shrine Ruins
Puppet Spider Shoots a web which can restrict movements of monsters Shrine Ruins
Wailnard Used as lure for large monsters Shrine Ruins
Trapbugs Used as natural trap or to slow enemies Shrine Ruins
Antidobra Cures you of ailments and gives heightened resistance Shrine Ruins
Brewhare Nutritional value of food is increased Shrine Ruins

 Temp Buffers

Type Effect Habitat
Wirebug Greater mobility Shrine Ruins
Vigorwasp Releases healing mist Shrine Ruins
Clothfly Added resistance to attacks Shrine Ruins
Butterflame Boost attack strength Shrine Ruins
Peepersects Boosts stamina Shrine Ruins
Cutterfly Greater chance of critical hits Shrine Ruins

Ensnaring Life

Type Effect Habitat
Flashfly Release a blinding flash Shrine Ruins

Crafty Creatures

Type Effect Habitat
Rock Lizard Shrine Ruins
Boulder Lizard Shrine Ruins
Scale Lizard Shrine Ruins


Type Effect Habitat
Great Wirebug Allows you to use a hook for added mobility and long-distance movement Shrine Ruins
Golden Spiribug Shrine Ruins

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